Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is going to be very random posts of random pictures and events.  

First off, Amber and I threw a shower for one of our dearest friends Lyndsey a couple weeks ago.  This was the first shower i've thrown and I was quite pleased as to how it turned out.  [the pictures don't capture the cutest ver well, if i do say so myself].  Lynds is due in a couple weeks and we are so excited to meet her cute little girl!

Sadly I forgot to take pictures during the shower so this is all I got...Hope you loved it Lynds!

This past weekend I flew down to visit my friend Brittany that lives in Arizona. Branson was down there visiting Cody (Britt's hubby) and selling for a couple weeks.  They just bought the cutest house so I was so excited to see it!  She is pregnant, too, along with almost every one of my friends.  I swear there must have been something in the air.  She is due beginning of June so it was fun to visit her before the baby chaos begins :)

Britt and I LOVE to find good, hole in the wall places to eat.  So, that's exactly what we did during out trip [along with other fun things of course.]

Yelp is our best friend- We found this place called Cornish Pasty Company...i know the name does not sound appealing but it was SO good! They are basically baked pastry turnovers filled with anything you can imagine..meats, cheeses, veggies, all that good stuff.  It was delicious.  It literally is a hole in the wall though....they didn't even look open and the sign was burnt out so we could barely find the place.  But all you AZ people, I would highly recommend it!

 We spent a day of shopping in Scottsdale where I just had to buy my first outfits for baby boy. 
Are those not the cutest pants you've ever seen?  Even cuter in person i tell ya.
H&M baby clothes is where it's at.

I'm really not too fond of this awkward picture of me but it's the only one I got of Brit and I together.  My belly really isn't even that big...that's a nice thing called bloat.  It's been my constant companion these days...
This was outside of a little place called Cookiez.  Delicious cookie ice cream sandwiches in downtown Tempe.

Over the weekend Britt found out that her baby was breech.  Baby girl moved in the matter of a couple days...she is a stubborn little one.  Britt tried whatever she could to get that baby to move and this was one of the ways.  It was pretty funny, but unfortunately didn't work too well :(

It was a quick little get away but so good to spend time with Britt and Code.  Thanks for the hospitality, guys! <3

I thought I had more to post, but looks like that's it for now!


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only one that has a million friends that are pregnant! I love it, we are all in this together! And so far boys are tipping the scales, at least from the people I know. Im thinking we will all have the same nursery colors, patterns and themes and who knows maybe even similar names?! lol. I think we've all started a second baby boom! So fun!!

    David and I will have to try some of those places while we're here. And visit Scottsdale! I hear there's lots to do out there. :)

  2. P.S. You guys put together such a cute, CUTE baby shower for Lynds!! Looks like it was a blast :)

  3. You did an awesome job on Lyndsey's shower, it looks beautiful! And cornish pasties are on every corner in England, delish! Love you:)