Monday, December 1, 2014


Our little baby boy is now a TWO year old!
I can't even believe it.

Since his birthday is on Halloween, we threw him a halloween themed Mickey Mouse party at the park. All the littles wore their costumes and it was a grand ol' time.
Parker LOVED wearing his Mickey costume all day.
He also demanded to have a balloon tied to him at all times.
It was his day...whatever says goes!

Beware: Picture overload.
^Hot Diggity Dogs/J Dawgs were a huge hit!
He wanted nothing to do with his cake.  Not even a bite! He preferred his icing-less sugar cookie.
Whatever, dude.
Oh, he did LOVE blowing out his candles though.
Then he stole Griffin's cookie that had some toppings.

That night we went trick-or-treating around a neighborhood in our ward. 
It was so cute watching him carry his little pumpkin around.
At one house after they opened the door, he decided to just waltz right in like he owned the place.
Luckily we knew the guy so it wasn't a big deal, but it was so funny!
He got a mr. potato head and kept trying to put on the glasses. haha!
He definitely made out! 
Thanks to all that came and celebrated Parks' big day with us.

Friday, August 29, 2014

some more PBH for ya...

20-21 months old.
I can't believe I made such a perfect little human.

He is left-handed.
Sleeps in a big boy bed.
When I tell him no he responds with "bye-bye." That better not last...
Loves his stuffed lamb (aka baby) and blankie.
Loves holding hands with his girlfriend Dorothy.
Loves to go to the pool and is learning to paddle.
Throws anything and everything, especially rocks.
Favorite sentence- "Uh-oh, what happened?"
Repeats everything we say.
Will only listen to rap or r&b. He is his father's son.
Loves ice.

He is the best and we couldn't possibly love him more if we tried.