Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Team HOLLAday.

A couple weeks ago I had found a Groupon for the Salt Lake City Challenge: 
The Ultimate Urban Scavenger Race.  
It's a part 5K race, part scavenger hunt.  
This kind of stuff is right up my alley and Branson was pumped about it, too.  
Some of our closest friends wanted to join in on the fun, so we formed a team. 
Team HOLLA-day!  
We came up with this name because we all used to live in the same complex...Halladay apartments.  
We just changed the Halla to Holla-much more appropriate for the day!
Oh, and we made some pretty awesome t-shirts, too.

Once the clues were handed out, they gave us the go-ahead to open the envelope and the race began.
We were given 12 clues and had to accomplish 11 of them.  
The clues led us all around Salt Lake. 
We started at a restaurant called Legends and made it all the way to the temple at one point.  
We had to take a picture at every destination with every team member in each picture.

Here are some of the hilarious pictures during our adventure....
(We were trying to be quick so some of our faces are pretty funny)

Once we finished the clues, we booked it back to the finish line.
We really had no idea how we did, but felt pretty confident.
Once we get there, they tell us we were the first team!
We were so excited and couldn't believe it.
They look through all of our pictures to make sure we had everything complete and correct. of them was wrong (kinda).
SO we had to JET back about 12 blocks or so to this parking meter, take a picture, and JET back.
As we are running back to the meter, about 10 teams pass us.
We were bummed but knew that they could have easily gotten it wrong, too.
Sure enough we see about half those teams running back as well, so we had hope again!
Once we made it back to Legends, they tell us we got third place.
However, the clue they had us go back to was wrong....
Every single team that came in either got sent back or deducted time because of that same clue.
So we put up a fight and every one agreed with us (even the first place team), but the main guy in charge was a real idiot and didn't want to admit that his clue was wrong.
So, we still consider us the champs of the race and made 50 bucks.  
Not bad for still getting 3rd place after being sent back, either.

The first 25 teams to finish qualified for Nationals which take place in Las Vegas in November and the first 5 teams get free admission to the race.
So we will definitely be competing at Nationals and are pretty stoked for it.
The winners get 5K...
Not a bad chunk of change :)

What a fun day it was and we are looking forward to November.

Sure do love this gang.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday.

We had a wonderful Easter this year.  
We invited family and friends over for a big Easter dinner.
Ham, potatoes, green bean casserole...the works.
Oh and some delicious "crack pie"...thanks Aarean for the recipe :)
We enjoyed a good meal, played a few games of taboo, and watched a few videos about Christ and reflected on His resurrection.
What a wonderful Sunday it was :)

Luckily I snapped a few pictures towards the end of the night...
Love these people.

Oh and of course had a little photo shoot of this guy...
I just can't help myself!

 I know that my Savior lives and I am so thankful for this day to remember all that He has done for me.

Hope you all had a blessed day :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5 months.

Another month has flown by.  Our little munckin is 5 months old! 

Here are his latest acheivements:

* He can sit up on his own! He is still a little wobbly but gets more and more stable every day.
* He does this new thing we call "flutter kicks."  He lifts his head up, straightens his legs out and flutters them super fast.  It is ADORABLE and we die laughing every time.  The little mans got super strength.
* He says hi...we like to think so anyway.  We are constantly saying it to him and we swear he says it back.
* He seems to be recognizing his name and turns when his name is said.
* Close to rolling over from his back to his tummy.  He gets to his side and arches his back but then plops back to his back.  
*He has started to sleep on his side.  Probably time to stop swaddling him...
* Giggles like crazy.  It's my all time favorite thing.
* He puts his arms up when we unbuckle him from the carseat for us to take him out. I love this!
* Finally sleeping better at night...for a while he was good, but this last month was horrible. (I hope this doesn't jinx me)... Parks was waking up EVERY hour and needed to be rocked/soothed back to sleep.  Well i found out that a babies sleep cycle is every 45 minutes and he just couldn't put himself back to sleep.  So we started the cry it out method (kinda...i gave in pretty much every time).  It was the HARDEST thing and I was in tears every time.  But it has worked wonders and our little guy is finally getting the rest he needs.
* He loves hands...we will put our hands in front of his face and move our fingers around and he grins so big.
* He is definitely ready for solids.  He watches what we do so closely and wants to eat everything we eat.
* We let him suck on a lime and it was the funniest thing to watch.
* Helps put his arms through clothes when getting dressed.

We sure do adore this little blue-eyed blondie!