Tuesday, June 2, 2015


We spent Easter up at my in-laws cabin in Ashton, Idaho.
I love being able to get away once in a while; no cell service & no internet.
Just family and General Conference.
feeding the fishies.

This kid did not stop for a minute this trip.
He absolutely LOVES being outside whether it's helping Grandpa fish or throwing rocks in the water.
He was freezing to death at one point but that didn't stop him.
Love seeing his curious, adventurous personality come out.

An Easter to remember.


Branson had a couple conventions in Arizona and was going to spend about two weeks there. 
That's just too long to be away from dad!
Plus we have some really close friends in Arizona that we don't see nearly enough, so it was the perfect excuse to come crash their pads!
Parks and I hopped on a plane and stayed for about a week.
  Nothing better than quality time with people we love! 
Such a fun week and we loved the warm AZ weather.

We first stayed with our beloved Cosgraves in Glendale.
Parker loved hanging out with Ro Ro and I loved spending time with my Lou.
^One of the nights Lynds and I went to No More Rack and the boys took the babes.

After a few days we headed down to visit Britt and Cody in Gilbert.
Cody and Branson served together in Spain and when Britt and I met, we clicked instantly!
Love this girl.
These two <3 p="">
One of our favorite things to do with the Fullmer's is EAT!
They are foodies just like us so we did a lot of that. :)

Thanks for the hospitality, friends.
We love you!

Monday, June 1, 2015

parker// 28 months

I took these photos a while back, probably January or February.
Too cute not to share and have to look back on.
Love my blue-eyed little hunk.