Friday, August 29, 2014

some more PBH for ya...

20-21 months old.
I can't believe I made such a perfect little human.

He is left-handed.
Sleeps in a big boy bed.
When I tell him no he responds with "bye-bye." That better not last...
Loves his stuffed lamb (aka baby) and blankie.
Loves holding hands with his girlfriend Dorothy.
Loves to go to the pool and is learning to paddle.
Throws anything and everything, especially rocks.
Favorite sentence- "Uh-oh, what happened?"
Repeats everything we say.
Will only listen to rap or r&b. He is his father's son.
Loves ice.

He is the best and we couldn't possibly love him more if we tried.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

adios Virginia.

Our summer in Virginia ended quickly..for Parker and I.
The office ended up moving to North Carolina and since they are there for such a short time,
they are just roughing it in hotels.
Hotel living with a toddler does not sound appealing.
So, Parker and I headed back to Utah after visiting family and friends in California.
Virginia was such an awesome time for us. 
We miss certain things about it already.
The most important is, of course, our Branson.
Here are a few other fun things we did over the summer.

My little family and I went out to Outer Banks, North Carolina one weekend.
It was beautiful and such a different feel from Virginia even though it was only a couple hours away.
Tortugas Lie. Supposedly the specials are always amazing so we got those and they did not disappoint.
The salmon salad was delish!
We also got Duck Donuts for dessert and I kid you not, best maple donut EVER tasted.
Warm and fresh out of the oven. Mouth=watering.

We discovered this petting zoo nearby so we decided to make a day of it.
Kiddos loved it!
Couldn't have survived the summer without these pretty mamas.
Just being a chicken...^

Fourth of July.
The boys all worked a half day and then we went to a park for a BBQ.
The guys also played their annual softball game.

Norfolk Aquarium.
Lots of awesome fishes.

And that's a wrap, Virginia.