Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cancun 2012

Our graduation trip could not have been more fun! We were blessed in many ways during this little vaca.  Branson and I fly stand-by and some how we got on every flight we tried for...even when they were overbooked! It was pretty amazing...
Not only that but we had perfect weather all week! This trip was such a steal of a deal and was the perfect way to celebrate all our hard work!

We got to spend the week with these six beautiful people...

Tolamans. Gee's. Cosgraves.

We played beach volleyball just about every day-  My FAVORITE thing to do on the beach.  (Too bad I'm a little slow these days-thanks to my growing belly ;) Considering the gym at the resort cost $10 a day, we decided to get our exercise other ways.

Our all time favorite food in Mexico... El Pastor tacos. Deeeeelish!

We of course did lots of swimming and hanging out at the HUMUNGOUS pool! 
By the way, my favorite picture of Branson. Ever!^

 The boys rented some scoots in downtown.

 We decided to hit up the nice beaches on hotel circle.

 The whole crew.  Thank goodness for the timer on my camera.  It always captures the best pictures...minus the cut off body parts.


 You can definitely see the belly in this one....

The Tolman's moved to Texas right after our trip...
We miss you guys already!!

 Lots of nap-taking and relaxing.

 Buff Britt! What happened to my muscles? 

 The first time I think any of us put on real clothes the whole trip.  We decided to go to one of the nice Italian restaurants on one of our last nights. It was a nice change from Mexican food.
(By the way, not sure why we are doing the "prom pose")

 All the pregos!

Welp, that pretty much sums up the trip.
It. was. awesome.

OH! and you have to check out this video of Lyndsey that the Gee's put together.  If any of you watch Ellen then you know about the Mother's Day Dance Dare.  Lynds decided to do one and it makes me laugh so hard. haha It needs lots of views so watch it!



  1. Okay I can't figure it out, is Jessica pregnant or is that Brittany in the pregos pic?! Looks like you guys had a blast! What great pictures! I loved the dance dare, go Lyndsey!! So fun :)

    1. My mom thought the same thing! She said, "Where did you get that bump?) haha I guess Lynds and I look alike in that pic:)

  2. What a blast!! We LOVED every minute:) We miss y'all so much, it's unbelievable! Love you both and let us know when you figure out your next step in life:)
    P.S. I need this pics!