Thursday, January 31, 2013


Where has the time gone? I feel like I was pregnant just yesterday.
Happy 3 Month Birthday to our 
precious baby boy...
I can't remember life without you.

A little bit about this cutie of ours:

*He is all smiles and has the cutest little giggle!
*He loves to be sung to and will sing along with you.
*He can roll over from his stomach to his back.
*He sleeps through the night. 
[last night he slept from 10-8. heavenly.]
*He sucks on his hands constantly.
*He loves playing with his feet.
*His eyes are getting bluer by the day.
*He loves walking with daddy.
*He is super observant and watches everything we do.
*He gets excited when we read to him and flails his arms.
*His hair is starting to grow. As well as his long lashes.
*Tries to put his binki in himself when it falls out. 
[Usually he doesn't have much luck and then gets really frustrated. haha]
*He's in size 2 diapers.
*Tries to wiggle his way out of his bumbo.
[pictured below]
*He has outgrown most of his 3 month clothes.
*Has the LOUDEST cry when he is hungry. He means business.
*He has started to whine when no one is around and then when mom or dad pop up, he gives the biggest grin. 
*He loves TV. Uh oh.
*Total social baby.

[don't mind the spit up]

Here are some fun videos of Parker's latest achievements...

Parker rolling over for the [second] time. Unfortunately I missed the first time...I laid Parks down on his belly for some tummy time and ran to the bathroom.  As I was sitting there I thought to myself, man, he is awfully quiet. [Normally when we put him on his stomach he whines and gets annoyed] I hurried back into the room and saw him facing up with the biggest grin on his face...

He was so proud of himself.

This video makes me laugh SO hard. 
Branson's excitement and Parker's little prance get me every time.
Proud parents :)

This video is just for kicks. I took this video when Parker was just a week old or so. 
He was crying and crying and crying and Branson's beats made him stop.
I have one cute and funny husband. I adore him.

Your mom and dad love you sweet boy.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

just another day in paradise...

Thanks to Elite and Branson's hard work, we were able to take another wonderful trip to Cancun, Mexico.  We stayed at an all inclusive resort called Fiestamericana Condessa for 6 days.  We, of course, brought our little one along and it was so much fun! Definitely different from trips in the staying up past midnight every night, but hey, it was still a blast and we wouldn't have had it any other way.

On the way there...Parker's first flight was a success! [iPhone quality not so good]

Day 1 we lounged by the pool, eat tons of food (which we did non-stop) and had a nice dinner with the whole group on the patio.

 Our  friend Jonny took this picture from his hotel room. Little paparazzi action.

We borrowed this little sun suit from a friend who has a little girl...he definitely sported those pink dots!
[Thanks a TON Lynds :]
The water was a little colder than he would have liked. haha

 The view of the hotel. It was a beautiful, fun resort!

The whole Elite gang.

Such a fun group of girls!

These guys cracks me up. Always speaking in spanish and laughing at who knows what. 

The rest of the trip consisted of a lot more sun, beach, volleyball, food, and chillin with my two favorite guys.

Kickin it.

Love those little feet.

One of the days Branson and I rented wave runners and Sade watched Parker for us. It was so much fun! Didn't get a picture though :(

It felt SO good to get out of the cold and just sit in the sun. The weather was perfection.

Volleyball. All day. Every day.

Went shopping in town one night. Got some ice cream and went to a magic show at the resort.

Sad to leave Cancun. What a fun trip!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

a little catching up...

Let's start with Christmas.  We were able to celebrate with both of our families this year. We headed down to California a few days before Christmas and spent the week there with my family. We celebrated with my mom and her side of the family a couple days before Christmas.

{Warning: Photo overload}

Sisters and cousin Kelli

The madre

This is my favorite. My happy mama!

On Christmas day we celebrated with my pops!

Parker and Papa

Uncle Levi and Parks. Twins.

Parker was one spoiled boy this Christmas.

 {Branson had to hold Parks up...hence the creeper in the background haha}

My boys!

He really did love the jumper, I swear.

 Haha! I don't think we will ever throw the box away. I love that his arms are black. haha

 Piggy back rides from Aunty Cole!

After California we decided to stop in Vegas and spend a little quality time with just us and Parker. 
We got a good deal on and stayed at the Bellagio.  It was so fun!

From there we headed on up to Idaho to celebrate with B's family.

 Lots and LOTS of driving.

Buddha baby.

 Parks has a little Elvis lip goin on.

I also got to spend time with some of my best friends while in California.

 Sierra and Parks.

 We have made it a tradition to do brunch every year on Christmas Eve at the pancake house. Yum!

Although our holidays were a bit hectic, it was SO fun to be with both of our families and to celebrate with our little Parker.  He had a great first Christmas and we can't wait for many more to come.

Hope you all had a happy holiday!