Monday, July 25, 2011

perkins wedding.

mandy and spencer (two of my favorite people) got married!!!
the wedding was amazing. beautiful. memorable. exciting. and so much more.

the night before the big day, all the girls stayed at an embassy suites near the temple. 

learning how to put the veil on the bride

lots and lots of primping

mandy girl was glowing. she looked beautiful!

the wedding party

Liana :)

her dress was simple and stunning

spencer was already undressing before they even left. ha!

....and then their off!

i love you mandy and spencer!! i couldn't be more happy for you both!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the pops turned 60.

the day after mandy and spencer's wedding, [which i will be posting about soon] we celebrated my dad's 60th birthday.  my sisters and i decided to plan a surprise party for him, so a couple months ago the planning began.  it was perfect that the wedding happened to be the day before the party because that was our excuse for coming out to california.  my oldest sister, nicole, and her boyfriend levi just so happened to be in town the same weekend. what a coinkydink! ;) the morning of, branson and i told my dad we were meeting some friends for breakfast.  we really went over to a friends house to make decorations, bake, and prepare the food for the party. later we all met up at my dad's for an early BBQ. my dad loves to cook on the barby, and boy does he grill up some delicious food. we had some flank steak, some grilled corn, and asparagus. yum!

we all hung out, eat good food, and watched some home videos.  it was so good to have everyone together at once. 

jenee and adam. aka "adamame"

nicole and daddio.

 my man.

nicole's man.

our plan to get my dad out of the house was to take him to the melting pot for dessert. we had made a reservation and a bunch of us went out for some fondue.  the guests all arrived at my dads place during this time.  my dad drove with branson and i to the restaurant, so on our way home branson filled up the gas tank and cleaned the car windows to spare a little time.  i just sat in the back seat twirling my thumbs. i was nervousssss.  my sisters got back to the house before us, so she gave me the heads up that everything was ready to go.  we pull up and he doesn't suspect a thing. it was PERFECT. he walked in, everyone yelled surprise, and he did a complete 180.  he was SO shocked and it couldn't have gone any better.

this was one of the only pictures we got of my dad's reaction, but i think it's a pretty good one :)

here are a few pictures from the party....there were over 30 guests even though i didn't document it all that well.  so happy that it turned out perfect!

cute baby cooper :)

love you daddio!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

girls night out.

last week i flew out to California for a week of fun-filled festivities. [that was a lot of f's] these next couple posts will be all about my trip home, which i must say was so fun and memorable.

my first full day in CA we celebrated my best friend mandy's bachelorette party.  we took her out to eat at shogun for some delicious sushi and habachi grill.  

everyone that worked at the restaurant kept wishing her a happy birthday, when her crown clearly said "bride." it was weird.

after dinner, we surprised her with a poll dancing class at a studio in temecula. yes, poll dancing.

^this was our way of blindfolding.  we didn't think that far in advance so sierra's t-shirt had to do.

the class was so so so much fun! we learned some cool tricks on the poll and mandy got in tune with her sexual side for the big night ;).  don't worry, we kept it PG-13. everyone loved it, especially mandy, and i was so happy :)  

after we went for some dessert at white lime. topped off the night perfectly :)