Sunday, September 22, 2013

holla games.

A bunch of Branson's buddies put together a big event called Holla Games.  There were 16 guys total that participated forming four teams of four.  This event had been in the makings for about a year, so it was pretty legit.  The teams competed in different sports and activities including football, bowling, golf. sand volleyball, and basketball.  Each event was worth different points and whichever team had the most in the end took the championship. We rented out a big house in Vegas that had tons of space to accompany all of us.  It was really fun!  My only request was that more wives come in the future and that the single guys get hitched before next year!  Only three wives were there so I felt pretty outnumbered.  But we had a great time and are looking forward to next years event.

I only captured a few pictures of the week and let's be honest most of them include Parker. ;)

All the boys.

Congrats to team Big Stix for taking the win!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sister Harmony Rosemary Hadfield.

Branson's sister Harmony left on her mission last Wednesday, September 11.  She is in the MTC for about 12 days and then heads off to Nashville, TN. Branson and I went to a wedding in Tennessee when we were dating and LOVED it! So we know Harm will, too!  Luckily she was able to come stay with us for about a week before her mission so we had a lot of time together.

The night before she left, we all went out to dinner to celebrate. 
We, of course, had to take gobs of pictures!

P-man is definitely going to miss his auntie Harm.  She was the best babysitter ever :)

 The best family shot we got. ^ haha Parker was giving Grammy kisses.

Someone was ready to eat...

The next day went by way too quick.  Harm had to be at the MTC by one, so we ran some last minute errands, got lunch at Cafe Rio, and said our goodbyes.  

We had about three minutes once we pulled up to the curb. It was definitely bittersweet saying bye to Harm.  We will miss her SO much, but we know she is where she needs to be and she will change so many lives out there.  

We love and miss you Harm!

Friday, September 6, 2013

ten months.

Parker is officially in the double digits...10 months OLD!

His latest and greatest achievements are...
*Took his first steps!  He can stand pretty well and will take up to about seven steps on his own.  He is getting better every day. We will have a walker in no time!
*Two top teeth have popped through with a third one on it's way.  His first two teeth didn't even phase him, but he's been much for fussy with these top ones.  Poor guy.
*He loves when the light shines in on the carpet.  He tries to grab it and swat at it.  He also loves to play with his shadow.
*Loves to dance!  He moves his whole body side to side and nods his head.  
*We think he might be a lefty...he hold his bottle one- handed almost always with his left.  He usually picks his food up with his left hand, or sometimes will pick it up with his right and transfer it to his left before putting it in his mouth.
*Plays with door stoppers all. day. long.  Never seems to get old.
*Still obsessed with avocados.  Also loves most green smoothies, raspberries, and bread.
*He almost always prefers veggies over fruit.
*Extremely ticklish on his upper back and legs.  
*Loves to throw things.  I walked in to get him from a nap the other day and his socks that were on him when i put him down were next to the door.  The kids got an arm! 
*Laughs when we say NO or try to discipline.  We aren't very good at being stern.. he makes us laugh so dang easy!

Parks is such a happy boy that loves everyone.  He giggles constantly and says HI all day long.  He is truly the most precious boy we could ever imagine having.  We love him more and more every single day!