Sunday, August 28, 2011

NYC day one.

We were fortunate enough to go on an amazing trip to New York and Connecticut with some of our greatest friends...

 Cory and Lyndsey

 Doug and Paige


Jess and Garrett

For the next week or so I will be posting about our trip. Considering we took over 1500 pictures, i'm making a post for each day of the vaca.

Lyndsey and Cory invited us to stay with them at her families house in New Canaan, Connecticut.  They live about an hour outside of the big city so we spent a ton of time visiting NYC as well as CT.  We fell in love.

Our first day of the trip was pretty mellow.  We had gotten in pretty late and were trying to adjust to the two hour time change. We spent the day in beautiful New Canaan.  We hung out at Lyndsey's gorgeous house and went downtown for lunch.  It is such a cute and quaint little town.

We eat at this cute little place for lunch one of the days. I had a salad, sandwich, and cookies and they were all delicious. 

Oh how we love Dougy.  We were introduced to him and his wife Paige on this trip (who we love just as much). It wouldn't have been the same without them and they are so awesome!

We stopped and eat lunch at this cute place.  Great sandwiches!

Lynds and Paigey

Tons more pictures to come!

Sunday, August 14, 2011


today was such a perfect day. after church, B and I went up to the provo temple to relax and do a little journal writing, which was long overdue.  i snapped a couple pictures and thought how lucky we are that we have this temple so close to us.  

i love this one of my man. so deep in thought. 
i'm lucky to have him.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011


well, i am officially back in p-town. it feels good to be back in our own place again.  branson is now working in denver for a couple more weeks and then we will be done for the summer. pretttttty happy about that.

i have also decided to run THIS half marathon in moab with a couple of friends.  it's in november so we have from now until then to train. 13.1 miles!? call me crazy.  i always used to say that i would never run long distance. but hey, never say never right?

i've never been to moab either, and it sure looks beautiful. 

wish me luck!