Thursday, September 29, 2011

It went by too fast...

And we're gone in a New York minute.

The last couple days consisted of...

A relaxing Sunday.
New York Stock Enchange.
Shopping on Canal and in SOHO.
High-Line Park.
Catch Me If You Can Broadway show.

Jim Cramer from CNBC.  We walked behind them and got on TV for about 3 seconds.

New Ray Bans from Canal street.  Love a good bargain.

Double timin' it.

Best. Trip. Ever.

The End.

Monday, September 26, 2011

NYC day four.

Well, I have been a horrible blogger.  I still haven't finished posting about our NYC/Connecticut trip and it's been over a month. Oopsie.

Day 4 and 5 of the trip we spent on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.  We took the boat out and tubed, skied, boarded, cliff name it, we did it.  The lake is beautiful.  Huge thanks to Lynds' dad, Steve.  He drove the boat all day so that everyone had a chance on the water.

we were the tubing champs.  steve could not knock us off that tube. paige had some major battle wounds to prove it.

 laying out on the dock and cliff jumping.
 it was a first for B and I on the skis.  it's crazy how unstable you feel. AND how incredibly painful the enema was that I got when i fell. not fun. i think i'll stick with wakeboarding.

 lynds and her little brother Taylor.  he is just a little piece of heaven. love that kid.

 haha. love these ones of B and Gar.

Lyndsey and I are running a half marathon together so we tried to keep up with our training over the vaca.  We went out running one night on the lake and when we were about 3 miles from home, it started to POUR! it was awesome! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

never forget.

Branson and I watched a documentary this morning on September 11th on the history channel.  
I was in tears the WHOLE time.  
I think visiting New York and seeing everything with my own eyes made it feel so much more real for me.
  The footage from the documentary was seriously crazy.  Seeing everyone so panic stricken and in awe.  Huge black clouds of steel and debris chasing after people.  
It was unbelievable to watch. 
Even crazier to think how these people felt that didn't have the gospel in their lives. 
I'm grateful that I didn't lose anyone I knew on that day but I feel for the many people who did.

The new Freedom Tower

More fireman died from this station than any other. 15 men total.

The tower will be the tallest building in the U.S. and will be 1,776 feet tall which symbolizes the year that the United States issued it's Declaration of Indepence.  Pretttttty cool.

This was a memorial for some of the fireman that died.  These men will never ever be forgotten.

It was really eye opening to be in Manhattan and to be so close to where the world trade centers stood.  9-11 didn't have a huge effect on me back then.  I felt so far away from it that it didn't even seem real.  I didn't know anyone that was affected by 9-11.  All my friends and family were with me in California.  
I didn't even know anyone that knew anyone that died on that day.  Visiting New York definitely opened my eyes and I'm grateful for that.  I have such an appreciation for our country and for the people who died fighting for us.

“My brothers and sisters, how thankful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ into which we can sink our roots and partake of the strength that comes therefrom. Life is purposeful under those circumstances. Life becomes a mission more than a career. We have more to do than to earn a living. We must live to serve.”- Gordon B. Hinckley

Sunday, September 4, 2011

NYC day three.

This was one of my favorite days in the city.  We got to see SO much and had such a good time.  Just a heads up there are a. lot. of pictures.
(p.s. we missed you, Gee's!)

It was a must to take a picture in front of the Connecticut sign.  I very much agree.

As soon as we got to the city we got on a ferry that took us all around Manhattan.

I definitely wouldn't mind living in one of these buildings looking over the water. Only a couple mill, no biggie.

My hair is in my face in every picture. Oh well.

Pure joy.

Two of my favorites.  The statue of Liberty and the NY temple.
They actually had to build a building inside another building so that they could make the walls of the temple soundproof.  Otherwise I doubt it would be very peaceful with all the horns honking and chaos outside.  Pretty cool that it sits in the middle of Manhattan.

Doin' business.

These guys were great.  We were walking through central park and there were a bunch of performers.  They ended up calling lynds and I up to help out with a little stunt...

Front flip over all four of us. With EASE!

After seeing "Something Borrowed" I HAD to eat here.  They made it look so delicious and it did not disappoint.

The Shack Burger. 

The after-math. We scarfed.

Don't really remember the name of this restaurant but it's seen in SO many movies.

My trademark picture.

Somehow we missed the rain on the night tour.  Everywhere we drove was soaked, yet we didn't get an ounce of rain on us.  We lucked out.

Little game of "Where's Waldo." We were all standing there trying to figure out what this was when we notice Doug in the front with his arms up. hahaha!

Wee bit static.

I'm ready to go back....