Sunday, November 3, 2013


Another month has quickly flown by and our little baby boy is no longer a baby!
It is truly bittersweet...
Parker was one precious baby, but I'm not gonna lie this stage is so much more fun!
He has so much personality and it is so amazing to watch him grow and learn and become his own self.
He is everything I ever dreamed of in a boy and I love him so much it hurts!

Since Parker is a little Halloween baby, we had one heck of a first birthday.  
It was a day to remember with just our little family.

[Photo overload]

 He played the part perfectly!

*Parker is officially walking!! We always said he would walk before his first birthday.  I had my doubts but a few days shy of his birthday he decided it was time.  He hardly crawls at all anymore. 
* SUCH a daddy's boy.  If dad's around he wants to be in his arms at all times. It is so sweet and I am not going to lie I get super jealous sometimes...
*When we say TOUCHDOWN! he throws his hands in the air.  We've moved past the "How big is Parker?" and changed it to touchdown.
*Says "mmmm" when something tastes good or when he wants a bite of something.
*If music is on, this kid is moving.  He dances all day long and it's the best.  My favorite is when he is in a shopping cart and he moves his head back and forth to the beat.
*Favorite foods right now are black beans, toast with almond butter, tomatoes, and kiwis.
*Loves to share things and put things in our hands.
*Has an obsession with wheels.
*When mom or dad are whispering, he will whisper right back.  Usually he just says Hi, but it is the cutest thing!
*Points at things in books.  He will find the balloon and the kittens in Goodnight Moon every time.
*Still loves books a ton.
*Not a huge fan of his car seat anymore.  Unless entertained the whole time, this kid just wants out.  We are getting him a big boy car seat this week so hopefully he will be better now that he will face forward. Fingers crossed.

Happy First Birthday to the cutest one year old on the block!