Monday, May 14, 2012

San Frany

After leaving Cancun we flew directly to San Fran to visit the Gee's for a couple days.  We hadn't seen their new place since they had moved and thought this would be the perfect time!

These were taken on their rooftop.  It looked over the whole city and was beautiful. B and I woke up early and went up there to watch the sunrise.  
They have the cutest little apartment and Jess did such a good job decorating :)

 They drove us around the city where we of course had to stop to take some picture in front of this big red beauty...

 We also walked around Presidio. 
It was honestly one of the cutest neighborhoods i've ever seen with beautiful views of the Golden Gate.

 We all walked around and picked out our "dream house."
I'm pretty sure all the one's we chose were at least 2 mil.
No big deal.

 Then we drove up to Twin Peaks which looks over the entire city.

On our way back to the apartment we happened to drive through Castro and no lie, i saw three completely naked men within 30 seconds just strolling down the street.  I. could. not. believe. it.  Is that legal?
It was just gross.

Other than that, SF was awesome! We got to see the SCAN office and where Gar spends most of his days.  It was a quick trip but one that we really enjoyed. 
Thanks Gee's!

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