Saturday, October 17, 2015


Okay guys, I am going to try and get caught up from the last three months all in one blog post. 
With that said, this will be a very long post with pictures galore.

Life with a family of four is SO fun. A lot more busy, but I like busy.
Especially when it involves taking care of my favorite people in the world.
Sunday Selfies. We needed some pictures with our new little addition.

The first 3 months with our Halle have been a dream.
She is the best baby!
She sleeps more than any baby I've ever known.
It's nice at times but man I miss that girl when she's snoozin' away.
She has the WORLDS CUTEST VOICE and talks so much.
She has rolled over once but won't do it again and isn't a fan of tummy time.
She is ticklish like her mama.
Her eyes are getting lighter and lighter every day.
She has found her feet and plays with them non stop.
She is extremely coy and always puts her hands to her face when she smiles. 
My heart skips a beat every time.
Oh and she has the yummiest rolls.

Halle overload comin' atcha!
And now an overload of Parker boy...
(I've realized I take mostly videos of Parker these days because pictures don't show his hilarious personality. I'll post those on another day...)

I love this one of Parker and my dad. Matchy matchy. 
You can tell he just adores his Papa.
The days that Branson gets Parker ready, they ALWAYS end up matching. He says he doesn't do it on purpose but it's freaky how often it happens. I love it. These two have such a special bond.
Branson took Parker on a daddy/son date to Six Flags. It made Parker's life.
B said it was one of the top 5 best days of HIS life. 
He loved seeing the pure joy on Parker's face.
Can't wait to take him to Disneyland!
Little booger likes to sneak into our bed at night. I secretly love it.
Our little fish can now swim without his floaties. Whoop whoop!
Probably the biggest egg he's had yet...Ouch.

And one of B and I on my birthday at Six Flags. 
Such a fun day with my handsome guy.
We said goodbye to our apartment in Valencia.
Loved it there and we were so sad to say bye, but we are so excited for our next chapter.
More on that in my next post...which hopefully won't be three months from now.