Tuesday, May 29, 2012


It's probably time to post another baby bump picture...as requested.

I am 18 weeks plus a few days.  The bump has popped literally over night! It's so fun to wake up in the morning and see how much our little one has grown.

Friday, May 25, 2012


I have had so many projects I have wanted to start on recently and yesterday I decided to do just that.  I've seen so many pinterest photos and blog posts about decorating onesies so I wanted to do some of my own!  Especially now that we know baby is a boy! And I have to say I love how they turned out! 

 Crafts are much more fun with a friend so I had Lynds join me.  Hers turned out so adorable!

The striped onesie and the pinwheel aren't 100% complete in this picture.  I actually ended up rearranging the stripes and like it much better now! I can't wait to see our little one in these adorable outfits.

Here is what I used:

- Onesies -- Make sure to wash them before you add on your design. 
- Felt
- Heat and Bond Lite (Michaels)
- Scissors
- Iron
- We added stitching for an extra touch! It made them look much less DIY.

There are so many different things you can do with these.  It's such a fun, easy project!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This is going to be very random posts of random pictures and events.  

First off, Amber and I threw a shower for one of our dearest friends Lyndsey a couple weeks ago.  This was the first shower i've thrown and I was quite pleased as to how it turned out.  [the pictures don't capture the cutest ver well, if i do say so myself].  Lynds is due in a couple weeks and we are so excited to meet her cute little girl!

Sadly I forgot to take pictures during the shower so this is all I got...Hope you loved it Lynds!

This past weekend I flew down to visit my friend Brittany that lives in Arizona. Branson was down there visiting Cody (Britt's hubby) and selling for a couple weeks.  They just bought the cutest house so I was so excited to see it!  She is pregnant, too, along with almost every one of my friends.  I swear there must have been something in the air.  She is due beginning of June so it was fun to visit her before the baby chaos begins :)

Britt and I LOVE to find good, hole in the wall places to eat.  So, that's exactly what we did during out trip [along with other fun things of course.]

Yelp is our best friend- We found this place called Cornish Pasty Company...i know the name does not sound appealing but it was SO good! They are basically baked pastry turnovers filled with anything you can imagine..meats, cheeses, veggies, all that good stuff.  It was delicious.  It literally is a hole in the wall though....they didn't even look open and the sign was burnt out so we could barely find the place.  But all you AZ people, I would highly recommend it!

 We spent a day of shopping in Scottsdale where I just had to buy my first outfits for baby boy. 
Are those not the cutest pants you've ever seen?  Even cuter in person i tell ya.
H&M baby clothes is where it's at.

I'm really not too fond of this awkward picture of me but it's the only one I got of Brit and I together.  My belly really isn't even that big...that's a nice thing called bloat.  It's been my constant companion these days...
This was outside of a little place called Cookiez.  Delicious cookie ice cream sandwiches in downtown Tempe.

Over the weekend Britt found out that her baby was breech.  Baby girl moved in the matter of a couple days...she is a stubborn little one.  Britt tried whatever she could to get that baby to move and this was one of the ways.  It was pretty funny, but unfortunately didn't work too well :(

It was a quick little get away but so good to spend time with Britt and Code.  Thanks for the hospitality, guys! <3

I thought I had more to post, but looks like that's it for now!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Baby Hadfield.

Today has been such an amazing day!  Originally B and I weren't supposed to find out the sex of our sweet little babe until June 9th. Well, this was WAY too far away for me.  One of our friends who is a week ahead of me found out they were having a boy at a little clinic for $25. We decided we would do the same because WE WERE DYING!  There was no way I could wait another month.

So we made an appointment yesterday and went in today to find out the great news!

Once we got the results we went to a little cupcake shop and had them make a cupcake with either blue or pink filling according to what our results were....

Turns out we are having a BOY!
We couldn't be more thrilled and can't wait to meet our little man!

I can't believe I am actually going to be a MOM.  What an amazing blessing this is.
Branson is so stoked that he is going to have his own little buddy and I can't wait to have a little mama's boy.  We love him SO much already!

Monday, May 14, 2012

San Frany

After leaving Cancun we flew directly to San Fran to visit the Gee's for a couple days.  We hadn't seen their new place since they had moved and thought this would be the perfect time!

These were taken on their rooftop.  It looked over the whole city and was beautiful. B and I woke up early and went up there to watch the sunrise.  
They have the cutest little apartment and Jess did such a good job decorating :)

 They drove us around the city where we of course had to stop to take some picture in front of this big red beauty...

 We also walked around Presidio. 
It was honestly one of the cutest neighborhoods i've ever seen with beautiful views of the Golden Gate.

 We all walked around and picked out our "dream house."
I'm pretty sure all the one's we chose were at least 2 mil.
No big deal.

 Then we drove up to Twin Peaks which looks over the entire city.

On our way back to the apartment we happened to drive through Castro and no lie, i saw three completely naked men within 30 seconds just strolling down the street.  I. could. not. believe. it.  Is that legal?
It was just gross.

Other than that, SF was awesome! We got to see the SCAN office and where Gar spends most of his days.  It was a quick trip but one that we really enjoyed. 
Thanks Gee's!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cancun 2012

Our graduation trip could not have been more fun! We were blessed in many ways during this little vaca.  Branson and I fly stand-by and some how we got on every flight we tried for...even when they were overbooked! It was pretty amazing...
Not only that but we had perfect weather all week! This trip was such a steal of a deal and was the perfect way to celebrate all our hard work!

We got to spend the week with these six beautiful people...

Tolamans. Gee's. Cosgraves.

We played beach volleyball just about every day-  My FAVORITE thing to do on the beach.  (Too bad I'm a little slow these days-thanks to my growing belly ;) Considering the gym at the resort cost $10 a day, we decided to get our exercise other ways.

Our all time favorite food in Mexico... El Pastor tacos. Deeeeelish!

We of course did lots of swimming and hanging out at the HUMUNGOUS pool! 
By the way, my favorite picture of Branson. Ever!^

 The boys rented some scoots in downtown.

 We decided to hit up the nice beaches on hotel circle.

 The whole crew.  Thank goodness for the timer on my camera.  It always captures the best pictures...minus the cut off body parts.


 You can definitely see the belly in this one....

The Tolman's moved to Texas right after our trip...
We miss you guys already!!

 Lots of nap-taking and relaxing.

 Buff Britt! What happened to my muscles? 

 The first time I think any of us put on real clothes the whole trip.  We decided to go to one of the nice Italian restaurants on one of our last nights. It was a nice change from Mexican food.
(By the way, not sure why we are doing the "prom pose")

 All the pregos!

Welp, that pretty much sums up the trip.
It. was. awesome.

OH! and you have to check out this video of Lyndsey that the Gee's put together.  If any of you watch Ellen then you know about the Mother's Day Dance Dare.  Lynds decided to do one and it makes me laugh so hard. haha It needs lots of views so watch it!