Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last weekend, a big group of us went camping up the Provo canyon. We wanted to get a good camp-out in before the cold, snowy winter. And i must say it was a success. We had some delicious foil dinners, went on a hike, threw the football around, played some games around the fire, made smores, and all cuddled together in one big tent...SO fun!

the whole gang

our delicious foil dinners

Everyone amused at Cory while he's melting forks in the fire-haha

Lynds :)

Brynne and Chris (i hope i spelled that right?)

We definitely look like we just rolled out of bed.


Garret, Lynds, and Cory

John and Megan

and Morg :)

Friday, September 17, 2010


I finally turned the big 2-1. Wahoo! I had a fun, relaxing day. B woke me up at 12:00 am to be the first to wish me happy birthday and to give me his gift. (some red Tom's which I wanted SO bad!) It was so cute. Then, after looking on KSL for weeks for a kitchen table, I finally found one that I loved, so we went and picked it up that morning. It was a steal of a deal. Really nice, counter height table that came with a leaf and six chairs, for only $100! It's black with a cherry wood top..I was so excited. We love it. Anyways, Branson has class most of the day, and since I didn't have school or work, I just took the day and relaxed. Then B took me out to Happy Sumo for sushi, and had planned a little get together at our place for cake and ice cream. It was a fun day. And it feels good to finally be 21!

Monday, September 13, 2010

One of my goals in life...

is to be on the AMAZING RACE! I love that show so much! I think it would be awesome to travel the world and try a ton of new things. AND possibly win some money at the end of it? Branson and I are going to apply to be on it. I think we could do pretty well. And our title could be the newlywed mormons...doesn't it just sound perfect? Branson is amazing at directions, can speak spanish and is very athletic, and I....well I am athletic? haha. ANYWAYS I am determined to get hopefully one day you will all see me on TV :)

Oh and just thought i'd share this video that our friends Lyndsey and Cory showed us last night...this poor girl. haha. It makes me laugh/feel so bad everytime I watch it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

For Labor Day this year, a couple of us decided to hike Mount Timpinogos. I have never done it and I heard it was beautiful, so I was really excited! Originally a bunch of people were supposed to come, but it ended up being just a small group. It was me and B, his little brother Preston, and our friends John and Kels. It worked out really good and was definitely an experience.

We woke up at 2 AM and got up there around 3 AM to start the hike. We wanted to make it up to the top for the sunrise. The first couple hours of the hike were great. But as we got up the top, I started to get SO COLD. I was not dressed right at all. For some reason I thought I would be really hot, so I only wore one layer when I should have worn like ten. My hands got so numb and I felt like my body was starting to shut down on me. I even shed a few tears I was so miserable. BUT then I realized I had come this far and wanted so badly to make it to the top, so I sucked it up and kept on trudging. We finally made it after about four hours up the mountain. Getting to the top made it ALL worth it. It was like a whole new world up there. We loved it. It was still freezing at the top so considering I couldn't feel my hands at all, I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped. But it was a great hike, and i'll definitely do it again one of these days.

(Okay i'll be honest, probably not for a long time...)

Words can't describe how happy I was to have made it!

Don't mind Branson's chewing...

I need to take lessons from these prepared!! (John did not want to take that head lamp off) haha.

Made it just in time for the sunrise.


Poor Preston looks so cold!

Our hike back down the mountain begins...

Love this girl.

The group.

I was much happier when the sun came out. WARMTH!

All of ours hands were so swollen from the cold...Branson's were the worst haha
I would definitely recommend hiking Timp. One word of caution though... It's FREEZING so dress warm.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cali Shore

Wow, it's been a while since I have blogged. My apologies. These last couple weeks have been jam packed. We decided to leave Chicago a few days early because I was sick and we were both a little burnt out. So we packed up and left and drove the 20 some hours straight to Utah. (Branson is such a trooper, I only drove three hours and he did the rest!) From there, I drove down to California to see my family and loaded up my car with all our wedding gifts. B stayed in Utah and worked. We had a big trip planned with our friends in Northern California, so I met up with my friend Kelsy and we did a little road trip up to the Delta. Branson flew in with the rest of the group and we met up there. We spent a week there wakeboarding, tubing, laying out, playing apples to apples, touring San Francisco, went to a Giants game, and just had an awesome time. It was a great way to end the summer! Here is a bunch of pictures from the trip.

The view from our house.

We realized we should blown the tube up AFTER we got to the dock...

Love it!

haha. I loved his face so much, i had to zoom in.

Cute Kels.

Lissy Lou Lou

Kels and I went into the city while the boys golfed one day.

John Blair



B wake-surfing


My favorite.

haha. His face tells it all.

Giants Game!

The females.

Go Giants!

Lissy and Dust

We stopped here after the game and they ended up being closed, but we were still able to get a pint of snickerdoodle ice cream. It was

Kelsy and I tubing it up.

We both felt that one pretty good.


So fun!

Hot stuff.


The all time favorite pazookies. Those things don't last more than a minute.

El Capitan aka Chase

The rope swing was a favorite...

Until I got MAJOR rope burn. (this is my attempt at a back flip)

Oh and this is our friend Sammy the seal. He sneaked into the Delta, and it was quite a surprise.

After the trip we headed back to Utah and have finally settled down into our apartment, which we LOVE. Our neighbors are awesome and we love the ward so far. I have loved decorating the apartment, but Branson thinks i've done enough...nah. Just needs some finishing touches and then i'll post some pictures. :)