Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Clements Christmas

We had the best Christmas this year.  Branson and I were able to celebrate with both our families, so it felt like the fun was never going to end.  I love everything about Christmas-- from the hustle and bustle, to giving gifts, to the beautiful lights and decorations. It's also such a great time to spend with family and a great excuse to get everyone together.  Most importantly, it's a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ and to remember Him and all that he has done for us.  

We celebrated Christmas with my parents on the 22nd.  My sister Nicole flew in from Reno, Jenee got work off and drove up from SD, and Branson and I were in town for a couple days.  We all slept at my dad's house the night before and celebrated the next day.  I never end up documenting the actual christmas morning because no one ever wants to be seen fresh outta bed. ha. So unfortunately I don't have any photos with my dad, but here are a few...

My daddio and his girlyfriend Stephanie in front of the Chritmas tree.

My dad got a new 3D TV and Branson is obsessed.  We watched a couple movies with the 3D glasses and it's prettttty rad.  

Love my dad's pretty garland and lights. I remember this was my absolute favorite part of Christmas growing up.  My parents would put garland in almost every room of the house and my dad would hang christmas lights outside.  We had vaulted ceilings so we would buy the tallest tree we could find.  The house looked so magical to me.  I really miss spending Christmas as a family {with both my parents} but I'm grateful that I will always have these amazing memories that make me so so happy.

Anyways, later that night once my mom got off work, we all met up with her for the evening.  We went out to eat at Don Jose's for some mexicana.  Yum.  After that we came back and exchanged gifts and hung out. 

My pretty mamacita. Seriously, it's December and she is STILL that tan? Not fair.


Boy do I love this man.

My gidgey girl in her Christmas scarf. Such a cute pup. Notice the red candy stuck on her chin.  Branson thought it would be funny to feed her a lollipop. haha.

Thug nasty.

I really cherish the time I get to spend with family.  We are all only able to get together maybe 2 or 3 times a year so we loved every minute of it.  So grateful for them :)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Temple Square

This is a must every Christmas season.  The lights around the temple are beautiful and everyone is in the cheery, holiday mood.  I just love it. A couple weeks ago we went with our good friends Danny and Malorie. We eat at Ztejas for dinner and then made our way to temple square.

 This was actually my first time going to the visitors center and seeing the Christus. 
Had to snap a quick pic.

All snuggled up...it was FREEZING!

 Mal and Dan

What a wonderful time of year.

Merry CHRISTmas!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Mission Beach

While Branson and I were in town for Thanksgiving break, we decided to go visit my sister down in Mission Beach.  We hadn't seen her place yet and wanted to spend the evening with her.  It is absolutely beautiful down there.  We walked from her apartment (which is literally less than a block from the water) down the boardwalk to Pacific Beach to eat dinner.  We eat at a place called the Ale House and it is right on the water.  We did a little shopping and people watching on the way back.
It was quite the peaceful evening.

Love you Nae Nae!

 Wearing the scarf that she made me :)

 It was a perfect day!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

a day of thanks.

I was lucky enough to have about three Thanksgiving dinners this year.  The first one was at our friend Mandy and Spencer's.  A bunch of buddies from high school got together to enjoy good food and great company.  (Mandy...your gravy turned out AH-MAZING. good work :)

My second feast was a big Relief Society dinner at church.  The food was SO good.  I'm pretty sure I wanted the recipe for every single thing served that night.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos. Boo.

Thanksgiving day was spent at my aunts house in Palm Springs with my tini tiny familia.  My oldest sister didn't make it down so besides my family it was just my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandma. However, we had a great time and got to enjoy the beautiful California weather.

 Sadly we use canned Cranberries... no one in my family really eats them? The outline of the can is not so appetizing.  Branson was NOT happy about that. ha.

 My favorite dish at Thanksgiving...my mama's yams. YUM!

 Uncle T cutting the Turkey

It's a tradition in my family to play Pictionary on Thanksgiving.  This game REALLY brings out my families artistic skills....

You can see why Branson fit in well by clicking HERE. (scroll down to the picture of Branson next to the drawing board.)

Hope you all had a Happy Turkey Day!