Saturday, February 18, 2012

yesterday morning...

was not the best morning i've ever had.
let me explain.
first of all, branson left early morning on a flight to colorado.
like 4:30 in the morning early.
for a week.
so i woke up all by my lonesome.
i hate not waking up to him.
i decided to start my day off right with the gym.
i was cleaning here and there while getting ready.
i realized our sheets were due for a wash.
i pull all the sheets off the bed.
stick them in the wash. WITH bleach. (keep them white and bright)
then get all ready to run out the door.
look around for my phone...
can't find it anywhere.
start freaking out.
look in the wash and what do i find?
yep. my poor little iPhone.
wrapped up in the sheets.
drenched as can be.
all i can do at this point is laugh.
no sense in getting upset.
ish happens.
so, i see a bag of rice in the pantry (i've heard it helps absorb the water)
i go to grab it, thinking it hadn't been opened.
well, it was open. and rice went EVERYWHERE.
the whole bag.
once again i just laughed.
couldn't believe it.
i write B on FB telling him what happened.
then went to the gym to run off my frustration.
after getting home from the gym i realized i forgot my headphones/dropped them somewhere.
no phone to call and ask
too lazy to go back.
laughed again.

that was really the end of the crappy morning. it may not seem that bad, but it just was one of those days. i couldn't catch a break. but i tried to stay positive and sure enough my day got better. my friends mandy and melissa came over for dinner. we had a little girls night since B was out of town. that definitely cheered me up :)

we cooked these awesome buffalo chicken tacos... [Pinterest find by Mandy]

click HERE for the recipe.

then, i get the nicest little surprise from mandy when i got home today. a sweet card and a little gift that she knew i was needing. a gift from the heart-my favorite. thanks Man, i really love you!

bad news is i am still phone-less. and husband-less. so i can't even bum off his. it's actually been a little peaceful. but now i've had enough peace and i'm ready to be able to communicate with the world. besides on Facebook.


  1. Oh NO! That is so horrible! Way to have a positive attitude! I would have been in tears for sure.