Wednesday, February 29, 2012

mardi gras.

Our friends Brittany and Travis Tolman invited us over the other night to celebrate Mardi Gras along with some other friends.  Unfortunately Branson was out of town, so he couldn't join in on the festivities.  For dinner Britt made this amazing chicken and sausage gumbo that was delishh.  
She also made this amazing cake for dessert...

It was like the most scrumptious GIANT cinnamon roll I have ever tasted. 
It was seriously so good....i'm drooling as I type. 

Britt baked a little baby Jesus in the cake, and supposedly whoever found it is supposed to have good luck for a year.
Blake was the lucky winner. 

 AnnaBelle earned herself LOTS of beads ;)

After dinner we all joined in on some "head volleyball." 
It was one of the funniest things to watch and we were all dying laughing.

Best picture of the night^ haha 

We also all decided to participate in Lent this year.  That's where you commit to giving up something until Easter. (Usually people give up alcohol, smoking, etc. but considering none of us do that, we had to think of something different.)  That was an easy one for me...sweets.  I eat them all too much and I thought this would be a good way to prove to myself that I can really do it.  More than a week down and I have been so strong! We even went to a wedding this weekend where there were gobs of desserts and I didn't even take a single bite.  Branson said he would join in with me, but at the rehearsal dinner this weekend he walks over with a delicious piece of lemon cake (my all-time FAVORITE) and takes a huge bite out of it.  I just look up at him and he stops chewing and has the guiltiest look on his face. haha. It was pretty funny.  
That little punk. But I'm proud of myself. I do have to say I can't wait to indulge once Easter arrives :)
(This explains my drooling earlier on in the post.)

Thanks for the fun party, Tolmans :)


  1. They brought that exact cake into my work, and the girl that cooked it didn't think she did it right and it was complete dough. not good doughy- like straight not cooked in the middle. It wasn't very good for me bu now that I read this, I want to try a fully cooked one! haha

  2. We had a blast with everyone!! I am definitely looking forward to Easter;) The good thing is Lent is preparing us for our Cancun vacation! Wahoo!!!

  3. so fun! that cake looks yummy.
    p.s. i tagged you in my blog. play along if you'd like. :)