Wednesday, February 15, 2012

two years ago today...

marks the day that Branson asked me to marry him.  
what a wonderful day that was!  
we were lucky enough to be in beautiful cancun, mexico...

  the story is pretty's how it all went down. branson asked me to go for a walk on the beach.  i said yes, and as we are walking out, our friends all said they were going to get ice cream. so, of course, i look at B and say, 'I want ice cream!" (i made things pretty difficult.)  after realizing that i wasn't gonna pass on ice cream, our friends just told us that we would all go after branson and i went for a walk.  i thought it was a little weird, but didn't think much of it.  so while we were out for a stroll, all of our friends were back at the hotel setting up [not really getting ice cream after all.]  branson's plan was to spread rose petals and candles on one of the beds on the beach. however, it was way too windy so nothing was staying put. instead, they moved everything under a big pavilion that was right on the water.  our friends john and kelsy walk past us and john starts talking to branson in spanish. of course, i know absolute nothing that is being said, so after he passes us, i asked branson for a translation.  he told me that john was going to tell kelsy (his girlfriend at the time) that he loved her. real smooth. i believed every word.  anyways, branson thought everything would have been set up by the time we started walking back, so we headed to the hotel and he starts walking towards the pavilion and i suggest soaking our feet in the pool.  that, of course, wasn't part of the plan either, so he just says "no, let's go over here." confused, i say okay and we walk down these stairs to the pavilion.  as we are walking down i see a bunch of people running and i look over and see a blanket with half lit candles and a few rose petals. my reaction was "babe, we are ruining someone's surprise!" he laughs, looks at my like i'm an idiot and says, "shell, no we aren't."  i'm still confused for a minute until it dawns on me. and then i start to ball, he gets down on a knee, and it was history from there :)  the engagement obviously didn't go just as planned, but it was still perfect. i was so surprised and we were at one of the most beautiful resorts i've ever seen. 
i am a lucky little lady.

 we brought a camera with us on our walk. this was just before he proposed.

we have had about five friends get engaged in the past couple weeks and it's so exciting!
there's just something about this time of year <3 

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