Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nine months.

This little man is 9 months old.
Holy crap time is flying.

*Walks and runs with help from others.
*Can stand by himself for a few seconds before falling down.
*Loves to bring his favorite toy with him when he crawls.
*Gives kisses, usually open mouth. Yum.
*Says all done and hi!
*Waves to EVERYONE.  On a recent flight to California he would wave to people- even the guy asleep next to us- and wouldn't stop until they waved back.  Then he would grin, or do his scrunchy nose face at them.  This kid loves the attention.
*Starting to eat thicker foods.  Still hasn't grasped feeding himself yet, but I'm sure we will get there soon.
*Laughs and giggles constantly at dogs and other babies/kids.
*Seriously the happiest camper i've ever seen.
*Loves to drum on tables and make noise. Such a boy.
*Squirms like a fish in the pool.  He loves to swim!
*Incredibly loved by everyone he meets.

His parents love him most though.

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