Tuesday, July 9, 2013

the fourth.

This years fourth of July was pretty low key.
Branson and the office worked a half day which was nice.
He got off around five and everyone headed to the park for a big BBQ.
We grubbed on some delicious fattening food and then the boys played a game of softball.
They tied 20 to 20 and couldn't keep playing because it got dark.
A rematch is in order soon I'm sure.

Some of the "Vivint Wives" watching the game.

My little boyfriend.

 The babes in the office. 
Mason (left) had his head back and spit up all over his face.
Too funny not to get a picture of. Sweet boys.

 All the wives/fiances/girlfriends.

 Love these boys so incredibly much.

I love America!

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