Thursday, August 22, 2013

catching up.

This post should have happened long ago, 
but it's little odds and ends of our summer here in Texas.  


The office won a competition so Vivint paid for everyone to go paintballing.  The guys loved it!  It was a hot day, even at 9 a.m., so we sat Parker in the cooler to keep him from overheating.  
He seemed pretty happy about it!

-Britney's Farewell-

Stephanie, Shawanna, Melanie, Emily, Britney, Me. Oh and little Carter and Parks of course.
All the girls after a dinner at BJ's.  
Brit was heading back to Beaumont with some of the office so we had a little farewell dinner.
Great bunch of gals!

-Vivint Gives Back-

The pictures above are of the whole office doing some service.  We went to a local park and cleaned it up.  I love that Steph and I just have our babies strapped to our chest.  I mean, I love picking up trash and all, but kinda hard to do with a human attached to me ;)

Vivint also started this thing called Vivint Gives Back.  All the wives get together and think of a service opportunity that we can participate in locally.  We found an orphanage not too far from where we are living, so we called them to see if they were in need of anything.  They needed school supplies, so we all went to Walmart and stocked up and donated them to the Children's Haven.

-South Padre Island-

Once we got to South Texas, all the wives went to South Padre for a day of fun in the sun.  As you can tell my pasty white skin hadn't seen the sun much.  Thank goodness i've worked on that since...

Oh and is that not the most hilarious picture of Parker? Hello buddha belly.

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  1. You'r'e right next to where I grew up :) Not in SPI but Corpus Christi!