Monday, July 1, 2013

eight months.

Our little bub turned 8 months old today.
He is growing up so fast and he is more fun than ever!

*He now has his bottom two teeth.  They came in at the same time and he was such a trooper!
*He claps his hands, gives high fives, and is starting to sign "all done."
*Crawls like a mad man.
*Pulls himself up onto everything... especially in his pack n play.
*He loves laughing at the minions from Despicable Me.  The preview came on during a movie and he burst out laughing.  He was absolutely enthralled. It made our day.
*Loves green drinks and mom's beat juice.
*He makes the best facials.  He does this new thing where he scrunches his nose and breathes in and out really fast.  He knows mom and dad love it, so he does it all the time.
*Quickly growing out of his size 3 diapers.
*Loves mom's jewelry.
*When he is super tired or needs to expend some energy, he will fling his arms and legs SUPER fast back and forth.  Branson and I have both tried it and don't know how he does it.  
He seriously has abs like no other.
*Thanks to his friend Annabelle he had his first mouthful of donut. She [a two year old] came up and shoved a piece of it in his mouth when we weren't looking. It was hilarious.
*He says both "mama" and "dada" although we aren't sure he knows their meaning yet.
*He loves to copy us and will try just about anything we do.  He shakes his head no, which we are quickly trying to change to nodding yes. 
*Avocados seem to be his favorite food.  Odd, because I have an intolerance to them. Figures.

Happy 8 month birthday baby boy!


  1. You guys he is sooo cute! Love to hear how he's growing and learning!