Friday, May 31, 2013

lucky number 7.

Parks is 7 months old today.
I feel like I am doing these posts way too often...
Where has my baby gone!?

Parker's latest and greatest achievements:

*Since we started sleep training, Parker sleeps 11-12 hour nights and occasionally wakes up once to eat. I now remember what it feels like to sleep through the night and boy does it feel GOOD!  Takes awesome naps, too!
*Eats much better now! He loves veggies, but especially loves his fruit...peaches, pears, mangos, you name it! I always start with his veggie and he gets so excited when it's time for dessert (aka fruit). He opens his mouth super wide when he knows it's coming.
*Says "da-da-da" all day long. Branson likes to think he's calling for him...
i'll let him keep thinking that ;)
*Getting superrr close to crawling.  Sometimes when I go to grab him after naps he is on his hands and knees. He will sway back and forth but isn't quite sure what to do from there.  I think by next weekend we will have a crawler.
*Can hold his own bottle about 50% of the time.  He just has trouble finding it again when he drops it. This is becoming quite handy.
*Has adapted the nick-name "Jack-Jack" because about three different people have told us that he looks like the baby from The Incredibles.  He totally does.
*Has long enough hair to make a mohawk. Cutest thing ever.
*Has some stranger anxiety now and then.
*Wiggles his hands and feet like crazy when excited or learning something new.
*Has a white spot on his lower right gum.  A tooth will be popping out any day I think :) Not to mention he has been a bit fiesty the past couple of days.
*Loves water.  We (aka Lyndsey) dunked him in the pool three times.  His face was frightened and shocked as to what had just happened.
*Cries every time (k not every time, but a lot) when mom or dad coughs...haha. So weird.
*Loves to pull hair. Not. My. Favorite.
*Obsessed with his Jumper.  He will seriously jump for hours if I let him.  Good way to wear him out :)
*LOVES the fisher-price laugh and learn app on my phone that goes through different animals and the sounds they make.  His face lights up every time.
*Tries to roll over on his tummy when eating his bottle.  
He hasn't quite grasped the whole gravity thing...
*Has kinda started weening himself from the pacifier.  He usually takes it out of his mouth soon after we put it in.  I'm pretty happy about this because I don't want to have to ween him off it later.
*Still the happiest, giggly little boy around.

This post made me realize I need to take more high quality pics of our little boy.
Love you Parks!


  1. He's so cute! Jason and I both commented that he's looking more like a little boy! So fun :)

  2. Gosh congratulations on the amount of time he sleeps now! NICE! He sounds so fun. I hope I see you guys soon!