Monday, May 6, 2013

1/2 year old.

Parker turned 6 months old a few days ago!
I can't believe he is half way to being ONE!
Sometimes I just want to freeze time.
Then again, I feel like I love each stage more and more.
He is the biggest blessing to happen to B and I.
We feel so lucky to have HIM as our son.

*Parker is quite the active boy. He rolls all over the place and inches like a little worm.
I have a feeling that on my next update I'll be saying he's crawling.
*He started solids. He loved rice cereal the first couple times we gave it to him, but he hasn't seemed very interested in any foods lately.  I can't figure this kid out. He has never been a big eater and I question whether he really came from B and I...we eat constantly!?  So far he has tried rice and oatmeal cereal, squash, green beans, pears and peas.
*He is such a flirt and super smiley, but can be quite coy (as my mom likes to say) at the same time. He will smile and giggle, but then hide his face in your shoulder. It's so darn cute.
*He is still a social baby but is definitely starting to miss mom and dad when we leave.
*He is absolutely infatuated with hands and feet.  When we want him to smile for a picture or something, we hold our hands up and move our fingers. Works EVERY time!  He has started to mimic us and it looks like he is waving.  He will lay there and stare at his hands while he moves them. You can tell his mind is constantly processing!
*Sleeps unswaddled now and on his tummy.
*He has started to nuzzle into our chest and will fall asleep on our shoulder.  Our favorite thing!
*This ones pretty funny...he has started to "motorboat" me while feeding him. When I'm not letting down fast enough, he gets impatient and just starts blowing. HAHA! I die.
*He is slowing weaning himself from the boob. NOO!!!! He has actually been doing this since he was 4 months old but I am NOT giving up.  It is so draining but I want to keep breast feeding. Plus he wont take formula so I don't really have an option.  I pump about half the time now and will continue to do that until he is a year old. I hope my next babies are better eaters!
*Sticks his tongue out when he smiles.
*Sits up like a champ!
*He has a new whine when he wants something. He has replaced his crying with whining. Not sure how I feel about it. haha
*Loves doggies!

We adore our smiley little Parker boy.