Friday, May 17, 2013

mother's day spent in NOLA.

Branson and I love traveling... who doesn't right?!
We want to take advantage of living in Texas and see as much as we can while we are here.
Who knows when we will be back?
So, for Mother's day we decided to head out to go ol' Louisiana!
[the whole way there we couldn't stop singing the Popeyes chicken theme know the one!]
We have wanted to see New Orleans for a while, so we made plans to go for the weekend!
Weekend meaning pretty much Sunday since B worked till about 8 o'clock that night.

We hit the road as soon as B got home.  It was about a 4 hour drive, so we didn't get in till midnight.
Parks and I stayed in the hotel room/went to bed while B walked down Bourbon street with his friend Andrew.  Branson commented that he was glad we didn't come because he would have felt like a horrible husband/father.  Apparently it is like the Vegas strip on steroids. Haha
Not really our cup of tea...
Anyways, we got an early start the next day... we had a lot of things on our agenda!

We stayed at the Sheraton on the 41st floor. 
This is the view from our room.

We stopped at this cathedral on Canal street on our way to breakfast.

A family from Branson's office was visiting NOLA as well!
We spent the morning with them and it was great. Cute little kiddos...

We had breakfast at the famous Cafe Du Monde!

Melt in your mouth Beignets.
The picture doesn't do these things justice.

As you can tell the powdered sugar was a bit excessive, but oh so good!

After breakfast we did some sight seeing and walked down Bourbon street.

I loved the historic buildings...this town is like nothing i've seen. 
Branson said it reminded him a lot of Europe.
I wouldn't know... :(

For lunch we went to the Parkway Bakery for some Po-boy's.
My friend Gessica whose from New Orleans recommended it.
It did not disappoint.

We got the shrimp and the beef po-boy's. Yum!

After lunch we stopped at Lafayette Cemetary--one of the many mausoleums in town.
All the caskets/tombs are above ground since it rains and floods so much.
I even heard that tombs/bodies were floating around during Katrina. 
Eek. So sad.

Our next stop was the Oak Alley Plantation.
B and I were most excited for this!
We took a tour and learned a ton about the history of the plantation
Branson always says that he wishes he could go back in time and experience what it was like to be a slave.  
It's one thing to learn about it, but we will never really know what it was like back then.

Love my boys!

The grounds were absolutely incredible!

These were the slaves quarters.
Each one had one cot and a fireplace for cooking.

Had to happen...

That pretty much sums up our day.
Even though it was a quick trip, we got to see everything we wanted!
It was a wonderful mother's day spent with my favorite people on this earth.


  1. so fun shell! and so gorgeous. love that place!

  2. It looks so green and pretty there!

  3. Those are the coolest trees ever!!