Thursday, September 1, 2011

NYC day two.

Our first day going in the city was quite eventful.  We decided to take the train in from New Canaan in the morning.  Turns out there was a car parked on the tracks in between the crossing gates and the train couldn't stop in time and it was hit.  The man driving the car was 92 years old and it was SO sad to watch.  We were sitting close to where the train stopped so we could see everything.  Luckily he was alert and seemed just fine....

{just so happened to be next to a cemetery. creepy.}

His poor car was donezo.  I'm not sure about any recent updates but we read up on it a few days later and he had broken four ribs and hurt his shoulder.  Poor guy. Broke my heart.

Once we finally got to the city, we hopped on a bus tour that took us all around Manhattan and Brooklyn. We spent the day seeing everything we possibly could.

Took the train into Grand Central Station.

Time square during the day.  MUCH cooler at night.  It's like the city transforms. I L.O.V.E.D it!

Samuel Jackson's wax figure at Madame Tussauds.  Next time I think i'll actually pay to go in. It would be pretty cool to see!

Lynds and Cor in front of the famous bull.

Always gotta try the street vendors...

The Brooklyn Bridge

Driving over the Washington Bridge (I think) with a great view of the city. Pictures definitely don't do it justice.

All I have to say about this guy is, Say it, don't spray it!!


yes, please!

Paige randomly found a plug walking downtown because her phone died. Too bad it didn't work.
And Doug just gazing at the stars. 
These two make me laugh!

Top of the double decker bus.

P, L, and S


Cory just looks thrilled...

Sorry about the choke hold, Lynds :)


Day 2 of our trip was amazing and each day got better and better!

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