Sunday, September 4, 2011

NYC day three.

This was one of my favorite days in the city.  We got to see SO much and had such a good time.  Just a heads up there are a. lot. of pictures.
(p.s. we missed you, Gee's!)

It was a must to take a picture in front of the Connecticut sign.  I very much agree.

As soon as we got to the city we got on a ferry that took us all around Manhattan.

I definitely wouldn't mind living in one of these buildings looking over the water. Only a couple mill, no biggie.

My hair is in my face in every picture. Oh well.

Pure joy.

Two of my favorites.  The statue of Liberty and the NY temple.
They actually had to build a building inside another building so that they could make the walls of the temple soundproof.  Otherwise I doubt it would be very peaceful with all the horns honking and chaos outside.  Pretty cool that it sits in the middle of Manhattan.

Doin' business.

These guys were great.  We were walking through central park and there were a bunch of performers.  They ended up calling lynds and I up to help out with a little stunt...

Front flip over all four of us. With EASE!

After seeing "Something Borrowed" I HAD to eat here.  They made it look so delicious and it did not disappoint.

The Shack Burger. 

The after-math. We scarfed.

Don't really remember the name of this restaurant but it's seen in SO many movies.

My trademark picture.

Somehow we missed the rain on the night tour.  Everywhere we drove was soaked, yet we didn't get an ounce of rain on us.  We lucked out.

Little game of "Where's Waldo." We were all standing there trying to figure out what this was when we notice Doug in the front with his arms up. hahaha!

Wee bit static.

I'm ready to go back....


  1. CUTE photos shell! i'll go back with you! :)

  2. shell. these pictures are UH-MAZING. oh how i love manhattan.

  3. Such a good blogger Shell! I miss you and touring around that beautiful fun city! Love you hope life is WONDERFUL!

  4. Britt, i'm definitely holding you to that!
    Sam- thanks girl, i love it too!
    Paige-I miss you too friend! come visit us again! or how about we come to you! even better!