Monday, September 26, 2011

NYC day four.

Well, I have been a horrible blogger.  I still haven't finished posting about our NYC/Connecticut trip and it's been over a month. Oopsie.

Day 4 and 5 of the trip we spent on Candlewood Lake in Connecticut.  We took the boat out and tubed, skied, boarded, cliff name it, we did it.  The lake is beautiful.  Huge thanks to Lynds' dad, Steve.  He drove the boat all day so that everyone had a chance on the water.

we were the tubing champs.  steve could not knock us off that tube. paige had some major battle wounds to prove it.

 laying out on the dock and cliff jumping.
 it was a first for B and I on the skis.  it's crazy how unstable you feel. AND how incredibly painful the enema was that I got when i fell. not fun. i think i'll stick with wakeboarding.

 lynds and her little brother Taylor.  he is just a little piece of heaven. love that kid.

 haha. love these ones of B and Gar.

Lyndsey and I are running a half marathon together so we tried to keep up with our training over the vaca.  We went out running one night on the lake and when we were about 3 miles from home, it started to POUR! it was awesome! 

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  1. Oh my gosh I'll never forget the first time I skied. Same thing with the enema...worst things ever!!! Hahaha