Sunday, September 11, 2011

never forget.

Branson and I watched a documentary this morning on September 11th on the history channel.  
I was in tears the WHOLE time.  
I think visiting New York and seeing everything with my own eyes made it feel so much more real for me.
  The footage from the documentary was seriously crazy.  Seeing everyone so panic stricken and in awe.  Huge black clouds of steel and debris chasing after people.  
It was unbelievable to watch. 
Even crazier to think how these people felt that didn't have the gospel in their lives. 
I'm grateful that I didn't lose anyone I knew on that day but I feel for the many people who did.

The new Freedom Tower

More fireman died from this station than any other. 15 men total.

The tower will be the tallest building in the U.S. and will be 1,776 feet tall which symbolizes the year that the United States issued it's Declaration of Indepence.  Pretttttty cool.

This was a memorial for some of the fireman that died.  These men will never ever be forgotten.

It was really eye opening to be in Manhattan and to be so close to where the world trade centers stood.  9-11 didn't have a huge effect on me back then.  I felt so far away from it that it didn't even seem real.  I didn't know anyone that was affected by 9-11.  All my friends and family were with me in California.  
I didn't even know anyone that knew anyone that died on that day.  Visiting New York definitely opened my eyes and I'm grateful for that.  I have such an appreciation for our country and for the people who died fighting for us.

“My brothers and sisters, how thankful I am for the gospel of Jesus Christ into which we can sink our roots and partake of the strength that comes therefrom. Life is purposeful under those circumstances. Life becomes a mission more than a career. We have more to do than to earn a living. We must live to serve.”- Gordon B. Hinckley


  1. i love this post. these picture are awesome!

    btw...i am pretty sure i saw you and your hubby at provo high last saturday at the bridal fair..were you guys there? i yelled your name but you didn't turn so maybe it wasn't you haha hope all is well!

  2. haha yes we were there working! I work for GoodWood catering and he was there helping me out for the day. Wish I would have heard you! Haven't seen you in ages girl!