Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Over conference weekend, Branson's brothers Derek and Preston came into town. It was a short trip but such a memorable one. The boys all went up to Priesthood session in Salt Lake on Saturday night, so I dropped them off and went shoppingggg. It was the perfect opportunity. :)After that we went to one of our favorite mexican food restaurants called La Puente. SO good. Then we rented a movie and just hung out and goofed around. On Sunday we just took is easy and watched conference, and then went to a park and played a little football. It was a great weekend. I feel like those boys are my real brothers that I never had. I love that I love my in-laws. haha

The Boys

Mr. QB calling the shots

We take too many pictures.

Snuggling up for a movie. (Which I of course fell asleep for, dang it!)


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  1. You two are such a perfectly gorgeous couple :) See you tomorrow :)