Monday, October 18, 2010


Last weekend Branson and I went up to Idaho for the weekend to visit his family. It was my mother-in-law's birthday on Friday, so we decided last minute to head on up. SO glad we did. We have so much fun up there. We went to a movie Friday night and saw Wall Street. It was a really good movie, even though I had to ask Branson what was going on every five seconds. (poor guy, he can never enjoy a movie without me pestering him) Shia LeBeouf is such a great actor! Anyways, Saturday we had a relaxing day. We played some football, eat good food, went shooting, watched a movie, and then watched home videos (my FAVORITE). On Sunday, Derek, Branson's younger brother, got the Priesthood so we got to be there for that. He puts his papers in soon so we are all really excited to see where he will serve! After church we had dinner and then had to hit the road back to Utah. I think what I love most about visiting is that we have so much fun just taking it easy around the house. I love going out and doing fun, adventurous things, but I have come to realize I am also a home-body. I love being with family and they all make me laugh so much. I am so blessed to have such great in-laws. Anyways, I didn't take very many pictures but here's a few from the weekend.



Papa Hadfield doin his thing


  1. you're so artistic in your photography...i want to be more like you. and i don't really love dogs that much, but that dog just made me laugh! that's pretty funny/cute! xo

  2. haha thanks Kels! Their dog is my favorite...but anywho, lunch Thursday, yes!?