Friday, September 17, 2010


I finally turned the big 2-1. Wahoo! I had a fun, relaxing day. B woke me up at 12:00 am to be the first to wish me happy birthday and to give me his gift. (some red Tom's which I wanted SO bad!) It was so cute. Then, after looking on KSL for weeks for a kitchen table, I finally found one that I loved, so we went and picked it up that morning. It was a steal of a deal. Really nice, counter height table that came with a leaf and six chairs, for only $100! It's black with a cherry wood top..I was so excited. We love it. Anyways, Branson has class most of the day, and since I didn't have school or work, I just took the day and relaxed. Then B took me out to Happy Sumo for sushi, and had planned a little get together at our place for cake and ice cream. It was a fun day. And it feels good to finally be 21!

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