Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day

For Labor Day this year, a couple of us decided to hike Mount Timpinogos. I have never done it and I heard it was beautiful, so I was really excited! Originally a bunch of people were supposed to come, but it ended up being just a small group. It was me and B, his little brother Preston, and our friends John and Kels. It worked out really good and was definitely an experience.

We woke up at 2 AM and got up there around 3 AM to start the hike. We wanted to make it up to the top for the sunrise. The first couple hours of the hike were great. But as we got up the top, I started to get SO COLD. I was not dressed right at all. For some reason I thought I would be really hot, so I only wore one layer when I should have worn like ten. My hands got so numb and I felt like my body was starting to shut down on me. I even shed a few tears I was so miserable. BUT then I realized I had come this far and wanted so badly to make it to the top, so I sucked it up and kept on trudging. We finally made it after about four hours up the mountain. Getting to the top made it ALL worth it. It was like a whole new world up there. We loved it. It was still freezing at the top so considering I couldn't feel my hands at all, I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped. But it was a great hike, and i'll definitely do it again one of these days.

(Okay i'll be honest, probably not for a long time...)

Words can't describe how happy I was to have made it!

Don't mind Branson's chewing...

I need to take lessons from these prepared!! (John did not want to take that head lamp off) haha.

Made it just in time for the sunrise.


Poor Preston looks so cold!

Our hike back down the mountain begins...

Love this girl.

The group.

I was much happier when the sun came out. WARMTH!

All of ours hands were so swollen from the cold...Branson's were the worst haha
I would definitely recommend hiking Timp. One word of caution though... It's FREEZING so dress warm.


  1. AHHH!!! soo glad we did it! we made it to the top of the WORLD! it was fun...i already forgot about how cold it was ;)

    i love how john is wearing the headlamp always! just wanted people to make sure they knew we were up here in the middle of the night!

    b's hands=huge, so were yours! that was a great memory to have with you guys...xoxo