Sunday, September 26, 2010


Last weekend, a big group of us went camping up the Provo canyon. We wanted to get a good camp-out in before the cold, snowy winter. And i must say it was a success. We had some delicious foil dinners, went on a hike, threw the football around, played some games around the fire, made smores, and all cuddled together in one big tent...SO fun!

the whole gang

our delicious foil dinners

Everyone amused at Cory while he's melting forks in the fire-haha

Lynds :)

Brynne and Chris (i hope i spelled that right?)

We definitely look like we just rolled out of bed.


Garret, Lynds, and Cory

John and Megan

and Morg :)


  1. so fun! you two are quite the event planners!!! p.s. i looove Bryn! so fun you guys are friends!!

  2. I actually can't take the credit for planning this one, but it sure was fun. I miss you Kelsy!!! And Bryn told me she knew you! Next time your down, come over and let's all get dinner or something :)