Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cali Shore

Wow, it's been a while since I have blogged. My apologies. These last couple weeks have been jam packed. We decided to leave Chicago a few days early because I was sick and we were both a little burnt out. So we packed up and left and drove the 20 some hours straight to Utah. (Branson is such a trooper, I only drove three hours and he did the rest!) From there, I drove down to California to see my family and loaded up my car with all our wedding gifts. B stayed in Utah and worked. We had a big trip planned with our friends in Northern California, so I met up with my friend Kelsy and we did a little road trip up to the Delta. Branson flew in with the rest of the group and we met up there. We spent a week there wakeboarding, tubing, laying out, playing apples to apples, touring San Francisco, went to a Giants game, and just had an awesome time. It was a great way to end the summer! Here is a bunch of pictures from the trip.

The view from our house.

We realized we should blown the tube up AFTER we got to the dock...

Love it!

haha. I loved his face so much, i had to zoom in.

Cute Kels.

Lissy Lou Lou

Kels and I went into the city while the boys golfed one day.

John Blair



B wake-surfing


My favorite.

haha. His face tells it all.

Giants Game!

The females.

Go Giants!

Lissy and Dust

We stopped here after the game and they ended up being closed, but we were still able to get a pint of snickerdoodle ice cream. It was

Kelsy and I tubing it up.

We both felt that one pretty good.


So fun!

Hot stuff.


The all time favorite pazookies. Those things don't last more than a minute.

El Capitan aka Chase

The rope swing was a favorite...

Until I got MAJOR rope burn. (this is my attempt at a back flip)

Oh and this is our friend Sammy the seal. He sneaked into the Delta, and it was quite a surprise.

After the trip we headed back to Utah and have finally settled down into our apartment, which we LOVE. Our neighbors are awesome and we love the ward so far. I have loved decorating the apartment, but Branson thinks i've done enough...nah. Just needs some finishing touches and then i'll post some pictures. :)

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