Friday, January 30, 2015

Baby Girl Hadfield

I can't believe I am 19 weeks (on the dot) and haven't written ONCE about this pregnancy.
Im sorry baby girl.
Oh, and yes, we are THRILLED to be having a little girl.
Well, let's just say this one has been much more rough on me than Parker was.
I am FINALLY feeling more like myself.
The worst part of this pregnancy has been eating.
Up until a couple weeks ago I would HAVE to eat every 1.5 to 2 hours.
And not just a light snack.
No, we are talking full on meal. Seriously.
The worst part was I couldn't eat anything repetitive.
So eating like 8 meals a day without repeating the same foods meant that I wanted to hurl every time I would eat.
And I would literally dry heave every time I didn't.
It was awful.
I am finally not gaging on a daily basis and my energy levels are back to somewhat normal.
Time to start working off all that food. Yikes.
With Parker I had pretty bad sciatic pain on my left side towards the end of pregnancy.
This time I started feeling it around 12 weeks.
It's not horrible yet, but I can't lie flat on my back or even at an angle.
I have to sit straight up (which hurts my tail bone for some reason)?
Or laying down on my side.
It doesn't affect me on a normal basis, so far, which is good.
My tummy is already large and in charge.
I started feeling her kick a couple weeks ago and I LOVE it.
Branson even felt a kick the other night.
She is already so special to all of us and Parker can't wait to meet his baby sister.
He kisses my belly all the time. 
Oh and loves to push in my belly button that has been popped out for weeks.

Picture overload. 
I really should just post one of these, but I was dying trying to get him to pose with the paper.  
He is just so special to me.

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