Saturday, April 25, 2015


We went down to California recently for our friends Shawn and Jenna's wedding.
Any excuse to visit SoCal and we are there.
Loved getting to see my family for a few days and to witness the Clark's sealing.
Feels so good to be back in the SD Temple where B and I started our forever together.

My mom babysat Parker for us Friday night through Saturday so that we could go to the dinner/sealing/reception.  We got a room at the Hyatt in La Jolla and enjoyed a night to ourselves. 
My man is training hard for a half marathon (which is in a WEEK! eek!) and on the ride down decided to ride his bike on the freeway while Parker and I took a nice break. Not sure if it was a good idea, but he was doing it either way. haha We pulled off at a rest stop and Parks and I drove ahead about 15 miles and met up with B when he was done.
Parker has been waking up around 4 am every morning and wants to cuddle, so I snapped this picture in the morning of my boys. So sweet, but man that kid is a bed HOG!
Got to visit with my friend Melissa and her cute family.
Brody and Parks are good little buds.
Parker LOVED Papa's new truck. 
Pool day!

Thanks for the PERFECT weather California.

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