Friday, January 30, 2015

Christmas 14'

Oh Christmas time... 
Truly some of the happiest days of the year.
Quality time with family and celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ.
Christmas with a two year old is extra magical.
Parker had a much better understanding of Christmas this year which made it SO exciting.
The joy on his face was just priceless.

It's also a time that I get to be with my whole family, which only happens a couple times a year.
Love any time I get to spend with loved ones.
We celebrated Christmas Eve with my mom's side and Christmas Day with my dad's.
We love being an aunt and uncle to this chunk! 
We announced that we were PREGNANT on Christmas Eve.
I mean, come on...^
Parker absolutely adores his cousin. So glad they have each other.
My amazing Grandma P.  She is one of a kind.
MY little cous Ryan. Doing big things!

Not sure how this happened, but I didn't get any pictures with my dad.
Sorry pops :(

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