Friday, June 10, 2011

strawberry festival.

last weekend britt, tate, bobbi and i all went to the strawberry festival in downtown.  it was at the french market not too far from union station so we took the train in and walked to the market. 
boy did we have a grand ol time! 

on the metra.

strawberries GALORE!


pastries and desserts everywhere.

i had a vietnamese BBQ sandwich for lunch that was divine. 

i'm a little obsessed with this place.^ RAW. everything they serve is raw and SO healthy. and not to mention delicious.  we got to sample a lot of the foods and i'm hooked. i want to open one of my own. 

me and britt couldn't pass up the gelato. espresso=heaven.

they even had free face painting.  tate told the painter lady to choose something because she couldn't decide and she came up with a dolphin. sweet. haha

we munched on strawberries allllll day long.

many more of our chicago outings to come :)

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  1. How fun! There's so many more things to do during the summer time. I love it.