Monday, June 20, 2011

and another.

just in case you haven't noticed already, the majority of my pictures this summer will include a whole lot of brittany and i.  we pretty much spend all day, every day together. and we take lots of pictures, which results in a lot of posts with pictures of us.  clearly.  our husbands are out working ALL day long so we do our best to keep busy. i'm lucky to have her here with me all summer. it's a little weird how alike we are.  we quite possibly could have been twins that got separated at birth.  everyone asks if we are sisters. everyone. and it's quite a compliment. love you britt :)

we have really tried to take advantage of living so close to the windy city by visiting as much as we can.
britt found free days at a couple museums so we decided what the hay! why not?! i'm not a huge museum goer but we had a lot of fun!

we drove into the city with branson and cody and had lunch together before they headed to work. my lovely tate came, too. the guys dropped us off at the field museum first.

 ^this picture defines tate perfectly. she is such a joy to be around and i'm lucky i get to call her my cousin!   she also deserves the best laugh award. SO contagious.

we got a few photos with the hubbies before they left us for the day.

 perfectly captured "the handshake"

 this was a little disturbing. a newborn baby that was mummified! pretty cool to see and learn about it all.

from the field museum we walked over to the art museum. it was HOT that day so an italian ice was much needed. no big deal that i already had gelato just an hour or two before.

it was a little windy. the guy taking our picture tries to inform us that our hair was in our face. really? we hadn't noticed. 

interpreting the art.

the bedroom by van gogh
i painted this picture in 5th grade. it looks EXACTLY the same. k maybe not but it was good enough for my mom to frame and hang in her office. had to take a picture in front of the original.

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