Tuesday, June 28, 2011

recent happenings.

my aunt and uncle were visiting in chicago so they took us out to dinner at a place called Bar Louie in oak park.  the food was great and the company was even better. i love getting alone time with them because usually when we get to see them, the whole family is around. so it was nice to have them all to ourselves.  
i just love them :)

we couldn't find anyone around [that looked like they wouldn't run away with my camera] to take a picture so we had to take turns. would have been nice to get a picture with all four of us. oh well.

one day during the week we took a trip out to the temple. the house that was used in home alone was close by, so we decided to visit it. look familiar?

the neighborhood was beautiful. i'm sure the houses around were worth millions.

on a sunday after church we decided to bbq. we cooked up some pollo asada, brats, hot dogs, corn on the cob and asparagus. oh and of course had some ibc root beer and cream soda. yum.

britt and i made another weekly trip to the city. we first stopped at our favorite place, the french market. we chowed down on an amazing caprese sandwich. it really is SO good.

 we stopped to take a looksy at oprah's studio.

and then we went on to a cute little vintage street market.  i came away with some great finds :)

and this past weekend we went to the....

 fried catfish^ our favorite!
 this man could not get enough of his turkey leg.
 vanilla ice cream topped with caramel cream and caramel popcorn. delish.

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  1. Hey Branson! I just found your blog off of Sadi and Travis Thompson's. What an amazing trip you guys went on together! I didn't know you were married until I saw your pictures on their blog. What a cute cute girl you found to marry! You two look so happy together. I'm so happy for you! Do you guys live in Chicago then? Are you going to school out there or was that another trip?

    Our blog, btw, is natandjoe.blogspot.com if you care to answer these questions.