Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Recent stuff

I haven't blogged in a while.  I have been super busy/haven't had too many interesting things to blog about.  So this post will be a bunch of randoms.

Branson and I have been really devoted to the gym lately. A couple of his friends go every morning at 7 am so B likes to go at the time, too.  (Apparently my workouts aren't fun enough for him) Since B knows that his buddies will be there, it motivates him which makes me more motivated to goo, too! (Mind you it's practically still dark when we get up, and FREEZING COLD) That time is really the only time that works with our school schedules, but it really does feel so good to start my day off with a good sweat.

The other day we all decided to start Insanity for the second time.  We did it last winter and it kicked our butts.  But I completely forgot HOW hard it was.  I was done after the warm-up...seriously.  I was so dizzy and felt so out of shape.  The next day when I got out of bed I almost collapsed because my calves were dead.  I am still so sore/  So Branson and I decided to do some YOGAAA!  We found THIS video on youtube.  After about 20 minutes of laughing my head off at Branson, I got pretty into it.  It's so relaxing and it really does improve my flexibility.  I'm sure there are better videos than this, but it worked for us.  I think from now on we will have to do it separately because the laughing really interferes with my breathing.

I bought new drapes the other day that I am in love with.  I finished decorating a while ago, but something was definitely missing from our family room.  Then I found these beauties from Pier One...(Thanks Coley!)

 It was the finishing touch to our home :)

....That's about all the semi-interesting things I've got, folks.

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