Sunday, January 23, 2011

Adios Hermana Alsup

One of my favorite people left this last Wednesday on a mission to Houston, Texas-- 
Miss Kelsy Alsup.  
Branson and I drove down to Ogden to hear her talk last Sunday and it was amazing.  B and I got teary eyed.  Ooookay let's be honest, I got teary eyed and Branson said he almost did.  That's about as close as he gets.  He doesn't cry. EVER.  Actually he did ONCE and it was when we were watching Marly and Me and he was thinking about his dog, Moses. Haha. It was so sweet.  Anyways, back to Kelsy....After her talk we went to her house to eat some lunch and baked goods (which are her specialty).  I'm so thrilled for her and know she will make a difference in so many lives.  But I'm sad that we won't be having any more lunch dates at Blue Lemon.  It was a bittersweet good-bye.  Atleast it will be fun to write her and keep in touch that way.  
Love you Kels!

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