Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Taste of Chicago

Last night, Branson, Derek, Bryson, and I went into the city for the...

It was a fun, yet interesting night. We took the L-train into the city and did a little site seeing before the taste. We stopped at the big bean and took some pictures. Let me also just say that Chicago is filled with some prime time people...the people watching in this city is my all time favorite. It will seriously keep you busy for hours. But the taste was so fun, and the food was great. We tried fried catfish, some deep dish chicago pizza, and tons more. (The catfish was surprisingly REALLY good!)

Humungo Turkey Leg!


B wanted me to be done taking pictures, so he kinda ruined this one. BUT it still made the blog.

So after the fun filled night was over, we took the L-train back to where our cars were parked in Oak Park. We are definitely new at this public transportation thing, and we got on the "Brown Line" instead of the "Green Line." Oops! That meant we were going the complete opposite direction, so to get back it took A LONG time. But as we were heading back to Oak Park, Branson and I made friends with these two little black boys. Their mom was sitting just a few seats down from us not really paying any attention to them, so we thought we would befriend them. They seemed to be so cute and innocent, but I was WRONG! The youngest one, who was probably about four years old, started joking around telling us to kiss. We thought it was cute at first, but then they started to say the most foul things I think I have EVER heard! And the worst part was that their mom wasn't doing ANYTHING! We couldn't believe it. So we just started to ignore them. Then when it was their stop, their mom yelled to them to get off and as the youngest 4 year old walks past me, he FLIPS ME OFF! I was so taken back!!! And I'm still not over it. Those kids are probably gonna turn out to be little molesters and it's so sad that they don't have good examples as parents. This just showed me what a little bubble I have lived in and what kind of people are in this world. It's crazy.

Other than that little mishap, it was a great night with the people I love! :)

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