Tuesday, March 11, 2014

California, I love you.

My little mini and I (and B for a few days) made two trips home to California over the past month.  
First trip was to visit family/friends and the second was for my oldest sisters baby shower.
Lots of pictures from the trips (mostly Parker) so I'll let them tell the story.
We loved every minute of it!

Walks in the sunshine. Green smoothies. Fish face with Papa.
 My favorite spot at my mom's house. 
Canyone Lake fun.
 Nana and Parker 
 Some best friends from High School and College Roommates.
 Parker and Brody.
Venice beach.  People watching for dayyyyys!
This boys got some mad skills.
My uncle Greg and Jenee-Nae.
 Loves Papa's glasses.
Papa and Nae having fun with their favorite little guy.

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