Tuesday, February 18, 2014

fifteen months.

It has been over three months since I last did an update on Parker.  He has grown up so much in the past couple months.  I don't even know where to begin with this kid.  I thank Heavenly Father every single day for entrusting me with this joyful, adventurous little boy.  He is the cutest little mini Branson and I love him so much my heart could burst into a million pieces.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way....

At 15 1/2 months old Parks is one active boy.  He loves being outside and will constantly say BYE when he wants to leave the house. He recently started saying Ma and Dada, although he says Dada much more.  He usually only yells Ma when he walks up to our bedroom door...it's pretty funny.  He also says ball, all done, light (which sounds more like die), button, up, hot, yuck, bottle (ba-ba) bite, hi and bye.  He points to a lot of things and says Ba. Not really sure what that means. haha.  He loves to talk gibberish and it is the most hilarious thing.   He loves putting things away/throwing things away.  We constantly find things in the trash (like Branson's wedding ring) and he loves to put all of our shoes in the hamper.  He is tall enough to open doors now and can reach the water dispenser in the fridge.  He still loves balls and playing basketball with dad and uncle P.  He loves pushing things around like his stroller or shopping carts or the little luggage carts in the airport.  He loves to just be free and run around, which means he hates being put in a shopping cart, high chair or stroller.  It definitely makes going out a little more challenging, but we make it work. He wants to feed himself with normal silverware which can get a little scary and incredibly messy.  He loves chewing ice and always wants what other people are eating.  We weaned him from bottles a couple weeks ago and he has done incredibly well.  He loves to do animal sounds-- cow, dog, sheep, fish, bee, horse, snake, pig, bird, and cat.  He has started to sign "please" and it's the cutest thing.  He still signs "more" when he really likes something, usually food.  He has started to get frustrated when he can't do something.  It's usually when he is trying to balance things or put the tops on tupperware...it is so funny when he gets mad.  I think he gets that from me. Ha.  He loves books.  When someone is sitting on the floor he will grab a book, turn around and walk slowly backwards until he can feel you and will sit in your lap.  I love it.  He has become such a little cuddle bug and will randomly look up at me and B and give us kisses.  He loves Despicable Me and would watch it all day if he could.  He is so strong and can climb all over the place.  His favorite place to be is on top of our desk playing with our computer.  He climbs up onto our chair and then sits on the desk and types away.  He is so fast! He goes out of sight for a minute and then all of sudden I hear the keyboard clicking away.  Closing the doors no longer works because he can now open them on his own.  Just this morning after putting him down for his nap [now napping once a day] we hear a big THUMP and then a few seconds later he started crying.  I run into his room and sure enough he had climbed out of his crib and fell.  Luckily he was fine and it just startled him.  We tried putting him back in HOPING that falling out scared him enough not to do it again.  Yeah, NO.  We watched him on the monitor and he went right back to climbing out so we ran back in the room.  Little stinker.  We put him in his pack-n-play for now until we figure out what to do.  He is obsessed with dogs and would play with them all day long.  He's got eight front teeth and one molar, although the rest of the molars are on their way.  Parker LOVES attention and making people laugh.  When we say "home alone!" Parker puts his hands on his face and yells. He loves to spin in circles, loves to jump, and dad just taught him to run in place.  He is such a little dancer and looooves music.  He seriously has such good rhythm and has different dance moves for different types of music.  He loves patty cake and  bath time.  After he eats dinner we say, "Want to take a tubby?" and he will run to the bathroom and start taking off his socks (if he is wearing them).  He loves water!  This summer will be so fun for him.  He is not the best at sharing but we are working on it.  When we tell him to be soft, he will softly stroke our face.  He also loves to cuddle his stuffed animals.

Ooooookay that was incredibly long and random but I just jotted things down as they came to mind.  I could clearly go on and on.  Parker is the light of our lives and he teaches us so much about life every day.  Enjoy some recent pictures of our little man...

^ The little escape artist.  He got stuck so I was able to capture it. haha. 
Im doomed!


  1. LOVE. He is so dang adorable. I love the home alone thing! Haha!

  2. The last picture is SO GREAT! I love this little man so much.