Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tahiti continued...

Tahiti post continued...

Day 5 & 6: Rangiroa and Fakarava 

I did my second dive of the trip in Fakarava.  Branson had a cold which makes it really difficult to dive because of pressure and things.  So the boys decided to hang out and Jess and I went out to dive together.  The coral was unreal and we were able to see sharks in the deep blue.  

Rangiroa is such a quiet, unpopulated place.  B and I strolled around the island and saw a few houses here and there and that's about it.  Crazy to think that people actually spend their whole lives there.
The locals favorite thing to do is ride the wake from the tenders that take us to and from the cruise ship. Branson wanted to ride with them so bad.
Fresh coconuts. Yummm!
Jess and I waving bye to the boys...

Day 7: Taha'a

This was my second favorite destination.  We spent the day on a motu where we swam in the crystal clear water, snorkeled, kayaked, and had the most delicious BBQ. Best lobster i've ever had!

(I don't know why the sky looks so bright in all these...once I upload the pictures the colors get super contrasty.)

Day 8: Moorea

We got to swim with sharks and rays which was one of the coolest things ever.  They come up right to you.  Garretts camera settings were off so the pictures aren't the best quality, but they make me laugh so hard.  We were a little hesitant at first, but they really are harmless creatures (Tahitian sharks, anyway.)

Since the Gee's have been to Tahiti five times already, they buried a hidden treasure on Moorea.  Every time they go back they write a little note and put it in the bottle.  We got to add to it and will hopefully get to go back one day and read what every one wrote.  Mine was a note to my hubs and Parker of course...

We also did our last dive on the second day in Moorea.  This was the best dive yet! I got to see a sea turtle and swam with some huge lemon sharks.  It was such an awesome experience.

The last day was spent back in Papeete at the same hotel.  We didn't want to leave but we were SO excited to get back to our little boy.  It was so, so hard being away from him, especially since I hadn't been away from him for more than a couple hours before this trip.  B and I had the best time together though and Parker loved the attention he got from all of our family.  

We had the most amazing trip we could have imagined!  Future vacations have a lot to live up to...
Tahiti...you have our hearts.

Last but not least, here is an awesome video that Garrett put together of our trip...

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  1. it looks like you guys had a blast shell! and it looked so beautiful! love all the pictures :)