Saturday, October 5, 2013

One more month...

...until we officially have a ONE YEAR OLD! Can't even believe it.
Parker is now 11 months old and it is officially his birthday month.  You bet your bottom dollar i'll be spoiling him all 31 only turn ONE once, right?!

My friend Amber shot a few pictures of us...the top two were taken by her!

Here we go...
*Parker likes to close doors.  He will crawl into a room, shut the door and then start playing with the door stop.  He does it every time.
*He still isn't walking but is getting closer. This kid sure is a speed crawler, though.  He is lightening fast.  He has a new walker that he has mastered, so I'm thinking that will get the ball rolling.  He also loves to push around his high chair as if it is a walker.
*LOVES to give open mouth kisses.  Even to strangers..yikes.
*This little boy is finally starting to cuddle.  When he is sleepy he will rest his head on your shoulder.  We sing him a song every night before bed and he loves to cuddle up into your chest. Heaven I tell ya.
*When he is hungry/eating/sees someone else eating, he smacks his tongue. 
*He has a slight rasp to his voice.  I melt every time he talks or laughs. Can you tell I am obsessed with my kid?
*Still says HI! all day long.  The other day Branson got home from work and Parker crawls over to him and says "Hi dad!" clear as day! It was the cutest thing.  I can't get him to say mama though...I think tries and it comes out baba. I'll keep working on him.
*Loves when we do animal sounds.  They get him to sit still and concentrate every time. The only sound he makes so far is snake, but he learns so quickly.  By the third time we asked what a snake says he made the sound.  I love how something so small makes us so excited. Oh and when we say "What does Parker say!?" He says Hi! Of course. haha
*New favorite food is Lara bars.
*He turns the pages in his books when we ask him to.
*Loves to drink out of glasses or water bottles.  Doesn't quite get the straw thing yet.
*He mimics just about everything we do.  Any sound we make he tries to copy us.
*He loves attention and is so good at making us laugh!
*When music comes on, he automatically starts dancing and moving his head and hips.
*Every time we say good job, he claps and grins so big!  Even if he is drinking a bottle he will drop it just so he can clap his hands.
*When he is finished with his bottle he will throw it as hard as he can.  When I say "all done" he knows that is his cue to chuck it.  haha. I should probably be teaching him some better manners. ;)
*Parker has always done great in the car and used to take naps while we drove around, but now he will only nap in his crib.  Kind of a bummer but makes sense since he sleeps on his tummy.
*Started to point at things.
*Loves loves LOVES little kids.  We will be in a store and if he sees any kid or smaller person walk by, he giggles and smiles so big. We are working on being soft...when he plays with kids he tends to get rough because he just loves them and wants to smother them.
*Loves bath time and hates when it has to end.

Every day gets more and more fun with this little man.  He is learning so much every day and it is so fun to just watch him play and explore.  We think he is a pretty rad kid.  
Happy Birthday month Parker boy! 

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